How to Create A Backyard Putting Green You’ll Love

Are you passionate about your golf game?

Here’s how to create a backyard putting green with the high quality artificial putting turf.

Just imagine how many shots you could shave off your game if you were able to play more regularly.

Of course, many people put up with practicing on their carpet or over any old bit of bumpy ground they can find. Yet, having a fabulous and highly practical golf course at home can be easier than it first appears to be.

By following a few steps you can get a golfer’s paradise at home that you love looking at as well as well as playing on.

Find the Right Space

The first step to consider is around the amount of space that you have for this putting green in your outdoor space. The truth is that this can be as big or small as you want it to be and according to the room you have for it to be built, although most people don’t have the luxury of considering a truly huge golf hole.

The average green in the US is over 5,000 square feet, which is a size that most of us probably can’t manage to dedicate to our putting at home.

Yet, artificial grass allows you to install a backyard putting green that’s both low maintenance and available to play anytime. In addition, you should check that this area is in the right place for your needs.

Will building a green here restrict access to the property or cause some other problem? Ideally, it will be in a peaceful spot where you can happily spend time playing golf without a care in the world.

Ideally, it will be in a peaceful spot where you can happily spend time playing golf without a care in the world.

Don’t forget that you can build different spots from where you play onto the green with a range of irons, to give you a truly varied experience. You might even be able to construct a full-length hole or two if you are creative about, and you don’t need to worry about fairway maintenance if you don’t want any of them.

Choose Between Real and Artificial Grass

The biggest potential problem that most golfers see with getting a real grass putting green at home is the maintenance involved in it. Keeping the grass in absolutely perfect condition involves a lot of watering, weeding and even understanding the right techniques for cutting it to the ideal length while only lightly trimming the fringe and the rough around it at a consistent height.

Synthetic grass is perfect in this respect, as it requires virtually no maintenance to give you a suitable putting surface all year round. You can play away to your heart’s content here whether it rains, the sun blazes down or you suffer a long drought.

backyard putting green

We recommend Veridian Putting Green, a high quality putting green turf that provides the most realistic golf ball performance.

It is also worth mentioning that using artificial grass gives a good degree of flexibility when it comes to practicing for playing on different types of course. This is because adding more sand fill to it will impact the way the ball performs.

All of this means that it is no surprise to see that many professional golfers have synthetic greens at home to play on in their free time. If we add in the fact the recycled artificial turf is very environmentally friendly, this becomes an even more attractive option.

Make It Attractive

There is no doubt that you will be caught up with thinking about your technique and other golfing matters when you play at home. However, it is also worth making the area where you are going to be playing as attractive as possible too.

If you do this then it means that you will be even more tempted to spend time out here as well as inviting friends over for a game now and then. With a highly attractive home putting green you will have the perfect spot for getting together with golfing buddies to hang out and improve your handicap in style.

If you are building this putting green in a big area with teeing-off spots as well then there is a lot more scope for adding in plants, bunkers and maybe even some water features as well. Just don’t forget that you need a shady area to relax in, maybe some chairs and possibly even one of the latest golf carts to get you all around effortlessly.

The more attractive and welcoming you make this area, the more you will want to be out playing golf and enjoying your property. The fact that artificial grass can be used all year round means that this is the perfect place to keep your swing from getting rusty when the weather isn’t right for a trip to the local course.

Make It Safe and Easy for Kids and Beginners

Is there someone in the family you would like to see getting started on playing golf? Teaching a newcomer the right technique isn’t easy and this could be the right approach for letting them get to grips with the sport easily at home.

An important point to remember here is that artificial turf won’t cut up if they have the occasional wild swing at the ball or aren’t completely sure about some of the finer points of putting green care and etiquette.

If you can encourage the kids and other golf beginners in the house to get out and play here then you will have a real paradise where the family can spend time together doing something that you love and that they grow ever more enthusiastic about.

Use It Regularly

Finally, if you get a classy putting green installed at home then you should be sure to spend as much time out here as you can. It should be a truly wonderful spot for enjoying life as well as for improving your golf swing.

Indeed, this could very soon turn out to be your favorite place to spend time in the whole property. If you design it cleverly and add in the features that make you happy then it will be a real golfing heaven that you never get tired of.

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