How to Install Synthetic Turf

If you are having to stay at home and want a project to do then why not install Australian made Synthetic Turf 

All our artificial turfs are 100% Australian made and come with either a 15 year warranty or Silverback Lawn has a lifetime warranty.


We have lawn for every application, Front gardens, Rear gardens, Pool areas, Pet areas, Children play areas, roof tops, balconys, commercial areas, sporting facilitys, any space.

ASST can help you with your DIY project by:

  • Choosing the lawn best suited for your needs
  • How much materials are needed for the area
  • How to measure the area correctly with roll widths of 3.71 wide
  • What tools and accessories are needed
  • Installation guide and tips
  • After care and maintainance
  • Keeping your synthetic lawn clean and hygienic with Pets and children
  • Delivery to your door using our trusted freight Company

How to Install Your Synthetic Grass

Once you purchase artificial grass the next decision is whether you get it professionally installed or want to DIY. If you consider yourself a bit of a handyman, by all means, you can lay your own turf. With the situation in Australia with Covid-19, you may have time at home to do any outstanding jobs you have been putting off. Here are some helpful instructions on how to do it yourself.

1.  Excavate the area to a depth of 75mm to 100mm. Sprinklers may be capped or removed at this stage.



2.  Install any garden edging that maybe required

3. Lay approx  75mm or cracker dust or  100mm of crushed rock/roadbase (if parking on the lawn) and compact with vibrating plate. The level of crushed rock/roadbase, when compacted, should be 15-20mm below “finished height” of surrounding edging/paving.



4. Lay your chosen  All Seasons Synthetic Turf, making sure you start from one edge and roll out. Cut the overhanging quantities with a sharp Stanley knife. Remove the ‘salvage’, black strip, from both sides of the grass. This cannot be used to join the grass.



4. When joining rolls of grass together, be sure to use the ASST Joining Tape along the seams. Our joining tape is self adhesive so no messy glue required.



5. Once you have covered the complete area, simply use the U shaped turf pegs around the perimiter btween 200mm to 500mm depending on whether you have pets. This must also be applied to the joining seams.



6. Top dress the grass with an even sprinkling of fine, dry ” foundry  sand to a thickness of 10-20mm per sqm. Or if using P-Off Infill For Pets and cooling, you will need between 10mm to 20mm depending on the pile height of the turf. A sturdy stiff broom can be used at this stage to sweep in the sand evenly and to also brush the grass blades straight and vertical.




Important Tips:

  • Do not attempt to lift the grass by yourself. It is advised that the rolls be cut into manageable lengths before shifting.
  • Always run grass in one direction.
  • Ask for our formulae sheet for help to work out required amount of “P-Off Pet In-fill”.
  • Your new synthetic turf is ready to use.

For more information on DIY Synthetic Turf please call the office on 08 9524 6065 or email your drawing to [email protected] and one of our helpfull staff will assist you.

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