How to Save Big with Cheap Artificial Turf

Want to update your landscaping in a way that saves you money year after year? Now you can! Find out how to save big with affordable artificial turf.

Lawn care and landscaping maintenance is a big investment.

It costs money to purchase a mower, invest in fertilization, and the tools necessary to weed and water your grass and plants. It’s a hearty investment of your time each week (or even more often!) to mow and weed and remove pet and animal waste from your grass. And when your plantings perish, it can feel intensely personal, that something you put so much effort into has withered and become brown and lifeless.

For these reasons, artificial turf is a wise, sensible, and relieving investment. But despite these advantages, installing artificial grass can be rather expensive to install, even though it saves you money and heartache in the long run.

There are ways, though, to make installing your artificial lawn less expensive. By following these tips, you’re sure to save money and spend more time enjoying instead of maintaining your outdoor living space.

Buy Your Turf Wholesale

It may be tempting to simply hire a local landscaping company to deliver and install your new artificial lawn, but you may be unnecessarily overpaying if you do.

Many independent or small local landscapers will increase the price – just like any retail store will do. In addition, you will be paying installation costs, which can increase sharply if they are assessed hourly. Depending on how many installers your landscapers brings with him or her, and how large your current yard is, the more fees you may incur.

Buying from a wholesale turf supplier can alleviate these costs. Instead, you’ll be buying directly from the manufacturer or supplier, which will eliminate the upcharges of the turf retailer.


Install Your Turf Yourself

Another great way to drive down the costs of your new artificial grass is to install it yourself.

Once you’ve obtained the turf from your wholesaler, you can begin installing it as a DIY project! It may be time-consuming, but the money you save will make it well worth it. If you’re using your artificial turf for a smaller project (like a pet area, a play area for your child’s swingset, or to landscape your pool area, for instance), you will be able to quickly and efficiently add artificial turf to your lawn.

If you are planning on replacing all your grass with artificial turf, you may need to consult a professional for advice and be prepared to invest a little more time. But this one-time upfront investment will save you big money in the long run.

Buy Remnant Pieces

Another great way to save money is to purchase smaller recycled pieces of artificial grass. Instead of purchasing entire rolls, or new swaths of turf, you can call your turf wholesaler or retailer to buy the leftover pieces from previous purchases or installations.

Especially in cases when you’re using the turf for smaller projects – like adding turf to make your pool surround safer and more beautiful, or when you’re using it to mask unsightly outdoor sheds and fences – remnant pieces are really all you need. And just like when you purchase remnant carpeting, tiles, or other renovation materials, remnant turf comes at a steep discount.

In addition to saving money on the installation of your artificial turf, your new lawn will also save you money over the course of many years.

Lower Your Water Bills

Artificial turf is estimated to lower your yearly water bills by up to 70%!

Upgrading your lawn to artificial turf means that you won’t have to water it any longer. During the hot, dry summer months, homeowners spend a lot of time and effort setting up sprinklers and watering their lawns. And when

And when grass dies and needs to be reseeded, it must be watered even more and with greater frequency. But with artificial turf, you won’t need to water ever again. It’s true that artificial turf needs to be occasionally lightly cleaned (usually with simply water, or diluted household detergent, and sometimes with a brief spray from the hose), it cannot compare to the habitual watering of live grass.

Lower Your Maintenance and Replanting Costs

Artificial turf will also lower your overall maintenance cost.

You won’t have to purchase or maintain a mower, which means you also don’t have to pay for gasoline for your lawnmower.

Using artificial grass for other landscaping spaces, like on your deck, pool surround, pet areas, or play spaces also means that you won’t be spending your time trimming, fertilizing, and maintaining these areas, either. With pet areas, you won’t have to worry about your pets digging up or killing your grass when they continually relieve themselves in a particular area.

This means that instead of replanting dead and damaged areas, you’ll simply be able to hose off your pet area, saving yourself both time and money.

Increase the Durability of Your Yard and Outdoor Space

Overall, buying wholesale artificial turf will save you money by increasing the durability of your outdoor living space.

You won’t have to replace, replant, or fertilize and maintain your greenery any longer. Artificial turf stays green and fresh forever, so you will have years of truly enjoying your yard and outdoor living space. Instead of spending your precious free time mowing, watering, fertilizing or replanting, you’ll be sitting serenely in your outdoor spaces, enjoying your favorite beverages and looking out over all the beautiful greenery of your home.

Even though switching over your lawn to artificial grass can represent a not insignificant financial and (if you’re DIY!) time investment, it is truly minuscule compared to the time, effort, and emotional impact of caring for a living lawn. Instead of working to ensure that everything is and stays alive, you can install artificial turf once and then reap the benefits of your upgrade. Buying your turf wholesale, using remnant pieces, and installing it yourself can minimize the impact on your wallet while still affording maximum impact on the beauty of your home and lawn.

Buying your turf wholesale, using remnant pieces, and installing it yourself can minimize the impact on your wallet while still affording maximum impact on the beauty of your home and lawn.

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