How to Save Water and Money by Upgrading Your Yard with Artificial Grass

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide what product is best for your lawn. If you’ve been following the news about the continuing drought affecting most of the southwest United States especially in California, Nevada and Arizona, you know that finding drought friendly landscaping options is very critical to save water.

Many water agencies are imposing water restrictions thought-out California. Many neighborhoods have imposed water restrictions for homeowners. Penalties can be as much as $1000 plus for over watering of lawns.

Artificial grass is a popular choice for those wanting a classic always green look as an alternative to water guzzling natural grass. Synthetic grass is more attractive than brown bark or even plain non-decorative rock when mixed with natural drought tolerant plants, shrubs and flowers.

Having that nice mix between artificial grass and natural drought tolerant plants is a critical element of the modern sustainable landscape in California. Artificial grass is becoming very great alternative to natural grass as more and more homes are replacing their lawn.   You might’ve heard the cons of artificial grass as a natural lawn replacement.

At Advanced Grass, we want to show you how we dispel those dilemmas associated with artificial grass. First, we want to talk about the benefits of wholesale synthetic grass:

  • It won’t hold dog urine stains; so its perfect for pets
  • It’s easy to clean up after dog messes
  • It works great around swimming pools, barbecues, planters, walkways, backyards, side yards, front yards, etc.
  • It can be used for other different areas of your property—such as a base for a patio, for narrow spots, as a drainage area, and for a dog run
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It’s long lasting; 10 years plus would not be uncommon.
  • You’ll save money on lawn maintenance because you won’t need to mow, fertilize, irrigate or use chemicals to prevent pests and disease
  • You save money on your water bills as well as conserve this precious natural resource. Proper low water using drip irrigation would be used for your remaining natural drought tolerant landscaping. Therefore the artificial grass would not interfere with your natural landscaping.
  • It blends well with native and drought-tolerant landscaping
  • It looks and feels close to natural grass—providing a soft and cushioned playing area, deep lush green color, and thickness resembling a healthy carpet of natural turf
  • Can still add landscape trees to your synthetic grass lawn. Trees do well with artificial grass—the grass stays green even under a heavy canopy.
  • Its perfect for golf enthusiast who want to put a beautiful PGA like professional putting green in the backyard. Its ads elegance and its super fun to play on.

The Challenges of Artificial Grass

Yet, no product is perfect and there have been some concerns regarding synthetic lawn grass. Here are three cons with our solutions for these challenges:

  1. Artificial Grass is not 100% like natural grass: At Advanced Grass we have some the most realistic and premium artificial turf in the industry. We suggest that you order samples and see for yourself what type of artificial grass would look best in your yard. Also we recommend mixing artificial grass with natural setting drought tolerant plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, paving stones, decorative stones, and other attractive landscaping for the best and modern landscaping design.
  2. Artificial grass can heat up: At Advanced Grass, we recommend our unique cool blades turf. It’s a heat resistant artificial grass blend. We also suggest that your contractor adds our temperature reducing, antimicrobial natural sand infill. This special infill sand will reduce your artificial turf’s surface temperature by up to 20% compared to regular untreated artificial grass that doesn’t have our special infill added to it. We recommend adding 1.5-2 lbs. per sq. ft. of this type of infill to reach the 20% temperature reduction.
  3. Artificial Grass is expensive: It’s true that the initial outlay for excavation, grading and synthetic grass installation may be expensive depending on the size of your project and the square feet involved. Yet, you need to compare those costs with the amount of money you’ll be saving on your water bills and lawn maintenance products and services over time.

    But the huge thing that is now available to homeowners are regional rebates for tearing out your water guzzling natural grass AND new easy energy saving financing options that require no credit score or any down payment, that can be approved in less than 10 minutes, with payments plans that go up to 20 years. And here is the kicker all payments will be tax deductible. These programs are the same that is being offered for solar installations. It is very popular because it makes it easy for a homeowner to get upgrades to their home with artificial grass at the same time as increasing the value of their property. It’s a no brainer. At Advanced Grass, can connect you with the right and easy financing options to help you pay for your new artificial grass installation.

If you’re ready to dig up your natural lawn and buy synthetic grass, call us today at (800) 992-0887, or fill out our inquiry form or request a free quote to learn more about our pricing. We will then have one of our certified and professional installers contact you and schedule an appointment to show your samples, look at your job and present the best options that fit your needs.

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