How to Stop Artificial Grass From Melting

Can Artificial Grass Melt?

Yes, the artificial grass you paid handsomely to have installed at your property can melt and shrivel under the right conditions, turning that once handsome yard into an eye sore that needs to be fixed up at great expense. While there are so many benefits of fake grass compared to natural lawns, the one major drawback to fake turf grass is melting damage that necessitates replacement.

Stop Fake Grass Melting

The Cause of Artificial Grass Melting 

Artificial grass has a melting point of near 200º Fahrenheit, which is of course much higher than the ambient temperature even on the hottest day in the hottest places on earth, so how can fake grass melt? The answer is a concentrated beam of light that reaches much higher temperatures than that of the air. And in fact, these hot beams of light can melt fake grass even on milder days. They are caused by window glare bouncing off energy efficient windows.

Picture of Melting Turf Grass

Window Reflection Melting Grass 

When sunlight hit highly reflective energy efficient windows, it can form hot concentrated beams of light that, if they fall on fake grass, can melt and ruin large swaths of the yard. Artificial grass melted by window glare must be ripped out and replaced, but you must take other steps as well or you risk the melting damage happening again.

How to Stop Artificial Grass From Melting

Pictures of Window Film for Artificial Grass

Images of fake grass melted by window glare are not a pretty sight. The good news is that pictures of window film to prevent grass melting or burning are a pretty sight, because films like Turf Guard Window Film don’t damage the looks of the property, but in fact can enhance it.

Can Artificial Grass Melt

Images of Artificial Grass Melting

When fake grass gets melted by sun glare, the strips or patches of melted artificial grass are so unsightly that they ruin the looks of the entire yard, even if most of the fake turf was untouched. So if you want to see a ruined yard, just take a look at a few pictures of fake grass melted by sun glare.

Cause of Artificial Grass Melting

How to Stop Artificial Grass From Melting

The best way to stop fake grass melting because of window reflections is also the simplest: just get Turf Guard Window Film applied to the exterior of your energy efficient windows and that sunlight will be scattered safely far and wide instead of concentrating into damaging beams of light.

Pictures of Window Film for Artificial Grass

Window Film for Artificial Grass Reviews

Turf Guard Window Film is one of the best reviewed anti glare window films for fake grass protection on the market. Customers review artificial grass window film based on how well it stops sun glare melting grass and how little it impacts the looks or performance of the window, and that’s why Turf Guard Window Film is always popular.

Images of Artificial Grass Melting

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