Infill Guide to Acrylic or Crumb Rubber for Artificial Grass

For artificial grass purchases, customers need to determine three important details before they install their new turf lawn. These three details will formulate the type of turf and infill used for the application.

1. The turf’s overall appearance
2. The turf’s purpose, whether for a residence or commercial property
3. The type of infill to use for a specific project, or goal – such as pet turf, or a putting green

These three details will determine which turf to use. Out of the three details, infill is usually overlooked, though this is the most important detail. Don’t underestimate its importance — let’s go over some crucial aspects to consider when choosing an infill for your new artificial grass.

Acrylic-Coated Infill for Artificial Grass Applications

Acrylic-coated sand infill sold by Artificial Turf Supply is the ideal material for many kinds of artificial grass lawns, whether residential or commercial applications. Acrylic-coated infill recreates the feel of real grass when walked upon. It also makes the grass “blades” perk up, so your lawn not only feels responsive but looks real, too; that sense of realism is perfect for turf lawns that get a lot of heavy foot traffic such as front lawns. This infill is great for pet turf, or an upgrade to your lawn.

Acrylic-coated infill has the added advantage over other types of infill due to its resistance to mold and mildew. Envirofill, Artificial Turf Supply’s recommended infill, is treated with antimicrobial properties that defend the turf from bacteria and pet-caused odors, making it a long-lasting choice for any lawn. This means your lawn will be around much longer and will maintain a healthy atmosphere when being used. Low-quality infill can trap mold and bacteria, which can ultimately lead to serious issues over years.

Artificial Grass and Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber has been the standard choice of infill for many athletic applications, especially for those on a budget, or looking for an easy solution and application. Although crumb rubber is technically a type of infill, it is worth distinguishing it in order to highlight its differences.

Crumb rubber is made from post-industrial scrap rubber. It is also the preferred choice for athletics-based turf applications such as sports turf, as well as turf where fall-height is a factor such as playgrounds. This hardy yet bouncy material lends a sense of realism for sports such as football, soccer, and baseball, providing cushion for hard-playing athletes that run, leap, and slide across its surface.

No Infill Option for your Artificial Grass Application

If you are a first-time synthetic turf buyer, you know that you can choose a no-infill option for your synthetic grass lawn. Unlike your other infill options, the circumstances where you do not need infill are limited — please contact us to find out whether this would be a viable option for your artificial grass lawn!


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