Installing An Artificial Grass Putting Green

Want to practice your putting green game at home? Installing an artificial grass putting green with AGL Veridian Putting Green may be the solution for you.

If you’re an avid golfer, new to the sport and want to enhance your skills, or you just want to enjoy some time on the green after a long day, you’ll want to consider installing a putting green in your own backyard. Not only will it save you money on costly green fees at your local country club, but nothing beats the convenience of being able to enjoy the sport you love from the comfort of your own yard.

When it comes to making such a charming addition to your backyard, you have lots of options as to what materials to use for your putting green. Using artificial turf instead of real grass will provide consistent beauty all year long with minimal upkeep, but most importantly, it will provide a high-quality putting space for you to improve your game.

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Putting Green

When you’re weighing options for materials to use for your personal putting green, artificial turf is the obvious choice because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness it offers. There are several reasons for using artificial turf instead of real grass:

1. You don’t have to wait for artificial turf to grow once it’s installed – you can begin putting the day it’s placed on your lawn
2. Artificial turf will not incur damage from pets and yard pests like real grass would. Nothing ruins a golf game like brown spots and holes from a dog digging on the putting green. Artificial turf can withstand pet messes and isn’t susceptible to divots and unwanted holes
3. You can place your artificial turf green anywhere. Real grass needs plenty of light, good soil, and moisture, meaning you are limited in where a putting green can be placed in a yard. Artificial turf has the flexibility to be placed in a sunny spot, or under your favorite shade trees. It’s up to you.
4. Artificial turf is low maintenance with no mowing, weeding, or fertilizing required

Veridian – An Excellent Choice for your Green

backyard putting green

When you make the wise decision to utilize artificial turf for your putting green, Veridian Putting Green grass is an excellent choice for its durability, optimal surface, and beautiful appearance. Veridian provides a consistently smooth surface so the ball isn’t interrupted by imperfections in grass length or by upturned soil. The grass blade fibers are made out of polypropylene, making them more dense and sturdier than other types of artificial grass and certainly sturdier than real grass.

Veridian can also be installed over concrete, providing added opportunities for installation. The backing is tough enough to drain liquids and moisture, but flexible enough to be installed on undulated or uneven surfaces to enhance the challenge of putting in your backyard.

Making Your Own Putting Green is Easy

If you opt to make installing this a DIY opportunity, there are several options for building your own putting green that is easy and ensures longevity for the turf. For the most part, it can be painless process when keeping these considerations in mind:

  • Explore a range of styles and shapes of putting greens to create one that works best for your own goals, and space you have available in your yard. Consider extras you want to add, like artificial sand traps or waterfalls
  • Be sure to remove all sod from the area you’d like to place your putting green. Placing landscape fabric securely in the area will prevent weeds from popping up later on.
  • Use a roller to smooth out the surface and to prevent the turf from becoming uneven or bumpy

Adding Landscaping to Your Green

You can make your putting green useful not only for golfing purposes but also landscaping. Many people swoon at the sight of a well-kept golf course, and your backyard can be just as easy on the eyes:

  • Consider incorporating your putting green into a consistent theme. For example, if you live in the American Southwest, add cacti or desert rocks to the area around your putting green to enhance the space. Likewise, if palm trees, the ocean, and beach life are more your speed, decorative pieces like old boat anchors, lobster baskets, or crushed seashells as a walking path leading to your putting green can add a unique flair
  • Water features such as fountains or simple waterfalls can add a calming ambiance to your putting green. This could be added to the green itself or placed nearby
  • Get creative with the border of your turf. If you prefer the natural look, you can blend the green with the rest of your yard (which is, presumably, artificial turf). Otherwise, choosing rock like cobblestone, red brick, or limestone to edge the green can add even more character

There are almost limitless possibilities when incorporating your putting green into existing landscaping. One of the most important considerations, though, is adding landscaping features that will further your own enjoyment of your putting green.

Basic Care & Maintenance for Your Putting Green

A major benefit of installing artificial turf for your putting green is that care and maintenance is significantly easier, cheaper, and healthier. You obviously do not have to water your artificial turf multiple times a day, or even weekly. You can, however, rinse it with cool water to remove any dust that may gather.

No fertilizer, lawn mower, or weed-eating is necessary, either. In caring for your artificial turf green, simply take care to remove any stray leaves or branches that land on it as a result of the wind to keep these materials from becoming ground into the turf.

To Conclude

Adding a putting green to your backyard sounds like a challenging undertaking at first, but it’s really quite simple, especially when you utilize artificial grass. This will not only make installation quick and easy, but it will further your enjoyment by completely cutting out the mowing, weeding, and fertilizing required of real grass. Indeed, using artificial turf on your putting green will enable you to participate in a relaxing pastime in your own backyard, while also contributing to a beautiful overall landscape.

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