Installing Artificial Turf Football Fields – The Smart Choice for Colleges and Universities

Artificial turf got its start in sports, and since then many sports fields – college football in particular – have begun switch to artificial turf. College football fields across the U.S. are considering or have already implemented artificial turf fields to gain an economical, eco-friendly advantage over their rivals. Artificial Turf Supply acknowledges that colleges want artificial sports turf, and we are happy help throughout the entire installation process.

Why Should Colleges Install Artificial Turf?

How does artificial turf help the college itself? Sports blog Vanquish the Foe explores why some colleges install artificial turf while others do not. The study reveals that schools with money and moist climates choose traditional grass fields. However, those with more stringent school budgets turn to artificial turf to save on water consumption and regular maintenance. Meanwhile, schools with money and either arid or cold climates sometimes have both real and synthetic grass.

The study makes one thing clear: Having a real grass turf can cost a lot of money. Wealthy colleges located in fair climates can afford to maintain traditional real grass fields. But for schools who would rather use their resources to manage budgets, artificial grass is the way to go.

A Matter of Pride: Non-Green Synthetic Turf

For some colleges, their synthetic turf represents more than an economical advantage. These universities take pride in having an artificial turf football field, which explains the increasing number of boldly colored artificial football fields.

Boise State University’s “Smurf Turf” is one of the most controversial synthetic fields. Named for its vibrant blue grass, the field gained notoriety not only for being the first synthetic college field but also for the all-blue uniforms the team wears on home games (much to the dismay of the team’s opponents).

The Future of College Fields and Artificial Turf

Colleges are known for taking hard stances on the latest environmental issues. Synthetic turf is becoming one of the ways they make an environmental difference while offering their football teams a different way to play. It is likely that not every college will choose to install a synthetic turf – but with time, who knows?

Colleges who can afford traditional lawns usually have them. However, more frugal and environmentally conscious colleges are turning to synthetic turf as a viable answer to their eco-friendly challenges. As more colleges turn to artificial fields over authentic fields, the conservation advantages of artificial fields are becoming abundantly clear.


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