Is Window Glare Melting Turf Grass?

Protecting Your Artificial Lawn Against Melting

A synthetic turf grass lawn is a great way to have a property that looks good, requires no maintenance beyond occasional raking or blowing, and that won’t need watering or fertilizing, saving you money and helping out our planet, too. But that lawn won’t look good anymore if the windows of your San Diego home reflect all that Southern California sun down onto the grass and cause turf melting in window glare. In San Diego window reflections can melt turf grass even on milder days; in the hottest dog days of summer, your fake grass may not stand a chance against melting… that is unless you get Turf Guard Window Film installed and protect the lawn against hot window glare.

Artificial Turf Melting

How Does Window Film Stop Grass Melting in San Diego?

Once artificial lawns hit their melting point, which is between 175º and 200º Fahrenheit, the turf will wilt and contract and generally look terrible, and it can’t be repaired, it must be replaced. These elevated temperatures are caused by sunlight being concentrated into beams of light when it bounces off windows, particularly highly reflective energy efficient windows, quite common in San Diego, CA. Window film to stop sun reflections melting grass scatters bounced light in myriad directions instead of letting it bounce off in the same direction, so your turf grass is safe.

Energy Efficient Windows Can Melt Your Artificial Grass

Does Window Tint Stop Sun Glare Melting Grass?

If you have widow tinting installed in your San Diego home that reduces interior temperatures and blocks damaging UV light, then you are doing a great job of lowering your energy bill and eco footprint and of protecting the interior of your home against sun fading. But this type of window tint will do nothing for the fake lawn or other exterior elements of the home. To stop window glare burning grass in San Diego, you have to get Turf Guard Window Film applied to the exterior of the windows. But don’t worry, this exterior window film will not in any way changes the efficacy of your windows, which will still reject solar heat and block UV light just as well as before. And you will still be able to enjoy the view, too.

Why Your Artificial Turf is Burning and How to Make it Stop

window film to protect turf

Protection for Synthetic Turf Protection

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