Learning About Artificial Grass Terminology

Some of the following terms maybe overwhelming to a new artificial grass customer, such as pile height, linear feet, square foot, stitch rate, backing and gauge. It is very important for a potential customer to do their research, especially for artificial grass terminology, so you know exactly what you are looking at and what you are looking for. You don’t want to have something installed and realize it is not something you like. In this blog post we will help you define some of the terms for artificial grass. We hope by you becoming familiar with these terms, it will make you more confident and help you ask the right questions to get exactly what you are looking for.

Pile height – It is the uncurled fiber of turf, that makes it look realistic

Linear Foot – Some of the Artificial Grass Companies sell the turf of a 15′ roll. Linear feet is the foot length of the roll. One example is linear feet is 35′.

Square Foot – Is the amount of space in an area. Artificial grass is sold by the square foot (sq ft.) and cut rectangle. The way it is calculated is the length by width. For example 20 foot wide and 35 foot long of artificial grass totals to 700 square feet.

Stitch Rate – Number of stitches within a distance – typically every 10 cm.

Artificial Grass Backing – This is what the thatch and grass materials are laced through and how they are together. It is highly suggested to buy artificial grass with good backing. The higher quality of backing the longer your artificial grass will last. Make sure to ask us about he type of backing we use.

Gauge – This is referred to he distance between the stitches. Usually the sizes are 1/2″ or 5/8″ for turf landscapes. Putting greens are a lot closer for example (3/16″) some are even further at (3/4″).


These terms are the most common when talking about artificial grass. Hopefully you are now equipped with basic knowledge to help you prepare to choose the right artificial grass for your home.


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