Lion Lawns Artificial Grass Projects of 2017 and What We Know So Far

2017 has been very different in some ways this year however very similar to previous years in others when we look at artificial grass projects. Although it is only April we have learned a lot about customer trends and what everyone wants this year, so if you’re a little unsure, check out what everyone else is doing in today’s news article.

The Best Seller

There has been an increase this year in enquiries from families with young children and pet owners meaning that Finesse Lite is the best-selling product so far. This is because it is one of the lower budget products but provides super durability and standing at a 22mm pile height, it doesn’t run the risk of going flat.


Finesse Lite artificial lawn installed in Acklam- February 2017

The Most Popular Area

Ingleby Barwick is Still our number one Installation Area. Often, we have seen this as an area that struggles to drain as well. Many people have tried to nurture their gardens over the years but the ground is incredible difficult to work with, it holds a lot of moisture and is often ridden with lots of clay. Therefore, people see artificial grass projects as the way forward and it is proven to be the best solution! Our project in Ingleby Barwick that we completed with Finesse in January, the dog loved it!


The Surfaces Artificial Grass Can Go on Top Of

Although natural grass is still the most common surface that artificial grass solutions can replace, we have seen an increase in clients replacing old block paving or concrete areas to bring some brightness and colour to their outdoor areas.


This Ingleby Barwick garden was the replacement of old block paving

Golf Putts are Still a Super Popular Product

So many people around the UK want Lion Lawns to install their home putting greens however we only do this in and around the Teesside area so if you’re in our catchment zone, great for you! If not, don’t worry we can offer supply only. Call the office and we can give you the latest prices, 01642 713 555


This home putting green was installed in Nunthorpe at the beginning of the year.

So there you have it, if you need any different guidance, pop your requirements over in an email and we can accommodate your needs:

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