Make Life that Little Easier with Lion Lawns Artificial Grass Supply and Fit North Yorkshire

Artificial grass supply and fit isn’t always for cosmetic reasons, the garden product is now more advanced than ever before and has been proven to make life just that little bit easier!

As part of the artificial grass supply and fit process, the whole garden can be completely levelled, this is great in case your mobility restricts you from being able to enjoy the garden. Hazards can be removed. In addition, the lawn is always complete with trip free edging and therefore this helps to ensure the safety of the garden. This is exactly why our clients in Brotton, North Yorkshire.

The large area of 150m2 was supplied and fitted last week with Finesse artificial grass. This is a middle of the range product. Not too long of a pile height so regular activity wouldn’t affect the look of the grass but Finesse also gives that freshly mowed effect so looks and feels like real grass.


The previous surface is stripped back and levelled


The family enjoying their new artificial lawn!


Previous equipment can be planned into the new surface, like this trampoline.

There are so many other ways that artificial grass supply and fit can make your life easier.

Firstly, there is peace of mind. Your grass can look beautiful all year round without the need for pruning, mowing, weeding, watering or feeding. All that is required is a general brush every now and then and debris to be cleared from the surface.

Artificial grass is a great choice for children who love the outdoors too! Not only does its safety mean that your mind is at rest, but unlike natural grass it won’t go patchy in those awful wintery weather months!

Take the first step today and enquire, we can send you a free sample pack out in the post and can even do a quote all free of charge!

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