Military Installations Change the Face of Parade and Agility Fields With Synthetic Grass

West Point Academy – Military Artificial Grass

West Point Academy’s Michie Stadium received a covering of artificial grass in 2008. This was based on a history of Army football home games being played on synthetic turf fields since 1977. There’s no need to shut down the stadium for laying new sod or to give the grass a rest because the turf can resist the heaviest traffic levels. Fast drainage also means that games can begin just hours after a storm with no increase in the chance of player injuries.

Naval Air Station at Patuxent River – Military Air Station

The Naval Air Station at Patuxent River is a world-class training facility, and it’s no surprise that the grounds managers chose artificial grass for covering the athletic fields in 2016. The fields are used for many training exercises and recreational sports, including soccer, physical readiness tests, and flag football. The reduction in labor and lifetime maintenance savings were the primary driving factors for this military installation project.

Fort Drum’s Athletic Facility – Military Facility

Bio-based military artificial grass isn’t just useful for outdoor installations either. The Fort Drum Army Base in New York installed an indoor training area in 2014 with a 100-foot-long strip of artificial turf for cross-fit training in all weather conditions. Speed training requires a realistic turf surface, and synthetic products are more than capable of living up to those requirements.

Military Working Dog Arena at Ellsworth Air Force Base – Military Base

USDA-certified artificial grass isn’t just for human military members either. The Ellsworth, South Dakota U.S. Air Force Base is home to a massive indoor training facility that produces some of the most skilled military canines in the world. SYNLawn installed over 9,000 square feet of durable artificial grass in one of the docks of the hangar to simulate a real-world turf environment. The dogs are also protected from injury thanks to a consistent and supportive surface that resists wear and tear.

This is just a handful of the hundreds of current military uses of artificial grass. Any government or military facility manager looking for maintenance savings to work around budget cuts should contact SYNLawn today.

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