Most Effective Ways to Overcome Artificial Grass Melting Problem

Has your artificial grass melted? This has become a widespread issue, especially during the summer. As the temperature heats up, so does the artificial turf. However, summer temperatures are not the only reason why your synthetic lawn has disintegrated. Your energy-efficient windows can also cause your turf to melt.

How Do Low-E Windows Melt Your Artificial Grass?

The melting point of artificial grass is quite high because it reaches up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you have Low-E windows at home, it may trigger the turf to disintegrate. That’s because of the special coating used by these windows.

Energy-efficient windows have a metallic, thin layer that controls the temperature inside your home. It separates the heat from the cold to keep the room comfortable. However, this is also the reason why your artificial grass has melted.

Once the sun hits the Low-E glass window, it creates a reflection of sunlight and leads it to your lawn. As a result, the glare from a window burns your grass.

Can You Stop Your Synthetic Turf from Melting Out?

Fortunately, you can protect your synthetic turf from melting. Here are ways to overcome your turf problems.

    1. Identify the reflective items that will increase the heat.


Find out where the reflection comes from. It can be your windows or your polished gutter. Sometimes, it can also be your door. In that case, you need to change your landscape plan. You need to put stones in places where exposed sunlight is the strongest. This way, it will stop the window reflection from melting or burning your grass.

    1. Use High-Performance Infills.


Another way to stop your fake lawn from disintegrating is by using high-performance infills. Regular infills usually absorb heat, causing your synthetic grass to deteriorate. However, if you use high-performance infills, you can protect your turf from the harsh effects of reflective heat.

High-performance infills lock moisture and slowly release it back into the atmosphere as the temperature rises. Therefore, it only needs a sprinkle of water to keep the turf fresh.

    1. Apply Window Film for Turf to Your Windows.


This unique window film protects your lawn from disintegrating. Once the sunbeam hits the screen, it will automatically spread out the reflected sunlight. That way, all areas will get equal amounts of heat.

However, to get this benefit, you need to make sure that it’s Turf Guard Window Film. This is the best solution for your artificial grass melting problem.

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