Myths About Hot Weather And Artificial Turf

Still thinking about replacing your natural grass lawn with artificial turf? It’s an investment, and you want to be sure you’re making the right choice for your lifestyle, especially if you and your family love outdoor play and relaxation. Before you can make a smart decision, you have to separate facts about fake grass from fiction.

So now that summer’s here, it’s time to throw cold water on those myths about hot weather and artificial turf.

The grass gets too hot to walk or play on.

Natural grass stays cooler because it’s moist, but artificial turf is plenty comfortable for backyard fun and games or just sitting around. You can cool it by hosing it off. In fact, Heavenly Greens fake grass drains much faster than real grass and it is not slippery when it’s wet. That makes it the perfect surface for water play on hot summer days.

If we use the grass too much, it will get all matted down.

Just like natural grass, the blades of faux grass will flatten where there is a lot of foot traffic. Or where you sit or lie while sunbathing or for late-night stargazing or outdoor sleepovers. All it takes to re-fluff artificial grass is a light brushing with a stiff, natural bristle broom.

We love backyard grilling. What if the grass catches fire?

Artificial grass is made of plastic polymers. It cannot flame up and burn like wood, but it will melt if it gets hot enough – say a hot coal or sparks from your BBQ land on it. These little accidents can be repaired, but we recommend reviewing backyard BBQ safety tips so you can avoid accidents that could damage your lawn or injure family members.

Food spills such as mustard will cause stains.

Here at Heavenly Greens, we’ve tried everything we can think of, and nothing stains our artificial turf. So load up those bratwursts and burgers, and if something spills, just rinse it off.

I’ll have lots of weeds, because hot summer weather stimulates weed growth.

While you may see a few weeds where seeds become lodged along the border or on top of the fake grass, they cannot grow up from the soil. It’ll take just a few seconds to pull those little weeds. (Or you could spray them – that won’t harm your turf, but it could harm the environment.)

My dog will dig “cool off” holes in it.

He may want to, but dogs cannot dig holes in artificial turf. For that matter, those nasty gophers that ruin your natural grass lawn won’t be able to dig up from below, either. Why not get your dog a wading pool?

It’s artificial – doesn’t that mean it’s toxic for my kids? Or my dog?

Nobody wants their family playing on grass that could harm them! All of the synthetic grass products we sell are non-toxic and non-allergenic, which actually makes them safer than natural grass if you or your kids (or your pets) have grass allergies. The silica sand and tiny rubber granules that make up our infill system give you the safest possible surface, and they’re entirely safe – even if your kids or pets were to inhale or swallow them. (We don’t recommend that, though.)

When you look at the facts, artificial turf is a great choice. No matter how hot the weather, kids, dogs, and adults can all keep their cool.

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Myths About Hot Weather And Artificial Turf

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