Oakland Artificial Grass – Synthetic & Artificial Grass in Bay Area, California

Artificial grass is a product of the industry that has made a significant contribution to the quality of life by allowing the gray and sterile areas of residences and business buildings to become beautiful landscapes.

It embellishes, refreshes, and adapts to any type of terrain, allows the creation of safe play areas for children and pets, turns patios and enclosures into places for relaxation. Artificial grass is ideal for a city like Oakland, CA.

Because of its versatility, and the quality of the materials used on its manufacture, more and more, the artificial grass is selected in the substitution of the expensive sports fields of natural grass, because it does not need irrigation, pruning, fertilization or weeding.

Its proper installation also does not allow water to be trapped, and with it, it does not incubate bacteria nor generates bad odors. In addition, among other diverse characteristics, it does not attract insects or rodents.

What is important, in order to enjoy all those advantageous conditions offered by artificial grass, it is important to ensure issues such as:

The quality of the lawn to be installed, to ensure durability and recovery of the footprint.
The characteristics of the lawn, according to the objectives: eminently decorative function; hallways; patios and entertainment areas; sports discipline; sectors for children and pets, etc.
The base on which the grass is to be installed: if it is on land where there was another type of lawn or any other type of material.
The installation process, taking into account existing trees, edges of cement, any installations that may exist, elimination of irregularities in the ground.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we distribute and install guaranteed quality lawns, manufactured in the United States, to support a ten-year warranty on their appearance and durability.
In addition, our products are hypoallergenic and fire resistant.

At competitive prices

Our company has a long history in the Bay Area of San Francisco, CA. We supply grasses acquired directly from the manufacturers, in order to offer our customers products of the highest quality at competitive prices.

If your residence or business or institutional project is located in Oakland, CA, we are in the best position to turn your yards, sports grounds, swimming pools, terraces, paths, into green areas … artificial grass improves any space. We invite you to know our financing options.

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