In recent years consumers are becoming more conscious of the artificial grass infill in their sports fields and turf landscapes.  In an effort to offer the best alternatives to adverse publicity raised by environmental concerns, Act Global offers a diverse array of alternative performance infills.  Each infill is thoroughly tested to ensure the product is safe, durable, and performs according to top players’ expectations for the long term.

Did you know the following about Alternative Performance Infills?

There are many different types of alternative infill

From cork/walnut based products to coated sand, to TPE, to EPDM, Act Global offers a matrix of infills to suit a variety of climates, uses, and aesthetics.  Each system is high performance and is engineered to prevent compaction, but each system offers varying advantages related to surface temperatures, watering requirements, and appearances.


Alternative Infill is suitable for both sports and landscape

Safety is a critical factor in any area that artificial grass is selected.  This is why Act Global offers infill options that contain no PAHs, heavy metals, or carcinogens.  These infills also pass EN 71-3 toy safety standards and are CAM 17 and Prop 65 compliant, meaning that consumers can be confident in their infill choice from Act Global.


Alternative infill offers a lower surface temperature

There’s a growing library of research that suggests that organic alternative infills help keep artificial grass fields significantly cooler than their crumb rubber counterparts.  This is beneficial both to athletes practicing on synthetic turf fields, as well as homeowners wishing to enjoy their artificial grass yard during the summer months.

Alternative Infills have been growing in popularity over the past recent years for their comparable performance to traditional infill and environmental friendliness.

Learn how our synthetic turf is beneficial to athletes. 

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Organic Infill: Did You Know?

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