Pet Odor Eliminator: How to Get Rid of Pet Odors?

We receive a lot of pet odor eliminator questions every day and one of our most popular requests is in regards to pet urine — how to get rid of the pet urine smell off of artificial grass, pavers, etc. of which we have provided a urine odor solution here.

Another pet odor removal question that we receive quite often is in relation to “other” pet odors, such as feces, vomit, drool, and even skunk odor when their pets get sprayed.

There is good news as the same product that can tackle the awful urine smell when your pets use your indoor or outdoor living spaces as their bathroom, can also handle ALL odors related to organic matter which include: feces, vomit, drool, skunk odors and more.

Urine Zero’s powerful formulation is comprised of over 3 trillion safe microbes that immediately go to work on your problem areas, devouring their food source(s), which happens to be your odor problem. So it’s a win-win. The microbes are happy to enjoy the newly discovered food source, and you are extremely happy to have the odor disappear.

how to get rid of pet odors

One of the extraordinary things about Urine Zero is that the microbes have the unique ability to adapt their metabolic makeup to their environment as their food source changes. The microbes will continue to evolve until all energy sources have been depleted, therefore eliminating all sources of pet odor(s).

For example, they will begin tackling the urine odor until that food source is eradicated, then they will move onto their next organic matter food source: feces, then vomit, etc. They will continue this process of exponentially reproducing until there isn’t any more food to be consumed.

The ability of the microbes to adapt and change their metabolic makeup as their environment changes are quite remarkable when you think about which is one of the many reasons that make Urine Zero’s formula highly sought after for its ability to be so versatile.

Below is a chart that demonstrates how Urine Zero reacts when multiple food sources are present.

Urine Zero Exponential Growth

To learn more and/or order Urine Zero, you can do so here: Buy Urine Zero

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