Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass Review


The combination of a highly drainable, pet-friendly turf and a light, high quality option for small spaces and miniature landscapes make it an excellent choice that is both affordable and effective.



Pet Zen Garden is an economy brand of synthetic grass designed for high traffic areas; while it can be used for different residential applications (deck, garden, small yard, play patch, etc.), it is marketed primarily as a pet-friendly turf because of its high draining capacity.

Pet Zen artificial grass is manufactured by Pet Zen Garden and sold at large warehouses or home improvement chains like Lowes, The Home Depot, and Sears. Pet Zen is pretty limited in terms of application, but works very well for small projects and interactive home settings.

Pet Zen Garden is marketed for pets because it is designed with rubber backing and drainage holes to facilitate the elimination of waste. Pet Zen is also convenient for homeowners with small spaces or playful children because while the turf is not necessarily premium quality, it has the perfect features for home application: it is extremely affordable; can be self-installed, cleans and drains easily; and is safe for direct contact.

Pet Zen synthetic grass is sold in rolls, although most places will sell smaller samples for inspection. The grass itself can be self-installed quite easily and since the mats are not thick, they are easy to cut and set without specialized tools.

A practical solution to bare decks, small garden spaces, play pens, Pet Zen is an economic way to build a tiny zen garden right in your home.

Ratings Breakdown

The term “Zen Garden” comes from the Japanese tradition of creating miniature stylized landscapes as a small home oasis. While Pet Zen Garden is not a premium brand of artificial turf, it has served the purpose of creating gorgeous landscapes for homes all across North America for decades.

Aesthetic Quality – 5/5

Despite the economic value, Pet Zen’s synthetic turf is colored using a dual-blade coloring system to give it a more realistic look. Also, while the thatch is thinner than similar products, the grass still manages to have a lush appearance because the blades are made from a soft synthetic material which produces a more natural movement. That being said, since the grass is less dense and is designed for high traffic, it must be brushed or raked through more frequently to keep the blades separated.

Used in smaller spaces or decks, the grass can have a very high quality look. While the color can look quite bright online, clients claim the color to be impressively natural in real life. To make sure you get the shade you want, order a sample first.

Texture and Density – 4/5

Pet Zen provides a limited turf application and as opposed to its competitors, offers very little selection between texture, color, and density preferences.

The main application entails a thin, but highly porous thatch that is easy to install, drain, and clean. Despite the thinness of the thatch, the blade color combination has been cleverly designed to create a real appearance that has a very convincing texture.

Pet Zen does have a couple of downfalls in terms of texture and density, the main one being that it doesn’t really work for residential (or commercial) lawn applications for large areas. On the other hand, Pet Zen has the perfect texture and density for patio, deck, and small indoor applications because it is has an outstanding draining capacity.

There are also a couple of ways to boost the density of Pet Zen: One is to use an organic, fibrous infill; this method increases the fullness of the turf and also helps keep the grass upstanding. Another way of “fluffing” up the grass is raking or brushing frequently and placing alongside other trees or plants.

Draining Capacity – 4.5/5

As its name suggests, Pet Zen is designed for pet use; it is made with a highly durable rubber backing equipped with drainage holes. One of the reasons this brand is so popular is the versatility that its drainage capacity provides.

Note: a lot of people buy Pet Zen to use indoors or on decks. If you are using Pet Zen for this reason, you will need to build a shallow foundation underneath to catch any spills and if using indoors for pet applications, use a urine pad as a base layer.

Heat Resistance – 3.5/5

As with most synthetic grass brands, heating under direct sunlight is an issue. Pet Zen is an economy brand, so while it is great value, it does suffer on some of the more challenging details- such as heating. That being said, most people use their Pet Zen grass indoors or on small, shaded decks and patios. While synthetic grass tends to heat quickly under direct sunlight, it cools down quickly and heating can be prevented by placing it in a shaded area.

Value – 5/5

This is the area where Pet Zen excels. Highly accessible, both physically and economically, there is a reason it’s one of the best selling artificial turf brands on the market.

Final Verdict

Pet Zen Garden synthetic grass is one of the most versatile brands of synthetic turf taking into account the company provides very little selection. The combination of a highly drainable, pet-friendly turf and a light, high quality option for small spaces and miniature landscapes make it an excellent choice that is both affordable and effective.

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