Planning Graduation Parties on Your Artificial Grass


Planning a grduaion party on your artificial grass

Graduations are such wonderful milestones to celebrate. Whether your loved one is graduating from kindergarten or college, saluting their accomplishment with a party is a must! And nothing says party like gathering in the backyard for a day (or an evening) of fun with family and friends. Thanks to your artificial grass, there will be plenty of room for folks to spread out and enjoy the festivities.





Go with school colors . . . or maybe not

Decorating in your grad’s school colors is an obvious choice, but not all school colors are equally pleasing as a party theme. So you might want to go with your grad’s personal favorite color(s) and work around those. Unless the party is a surprise, why not ask what they’d like best? After all, the party is all about them.

However you choose to decorate, remember that puncturing your artificial grass will permanently damage it. So put those party yard signs in your flower beds or pots instead.

No helium? Who needs balloons, anyway?

No one knew there would be a helium shortage this year, but who cares? You can decorate using any number of alternatives – pennant line is fun, or you could make paper streamers or pompoms.

And strings of lights are essential. You can do virtually anything with them. Use the twinkly kind, in colors or starry white, or choose shapes to go with your party theme. There is nothing you can’t find online. You can even get solar-powered lights to avoid the hassles that come with extension cords, etc.


Backyard grilling is an American backyard party tradition, and it’s perfect for any celebration, no matter the menu. Do burgers and brats, and add home-fried potato chips or another twist on the traditional sides. Or go with herbed chicken. Or steaks. Just don’t forget the ice cream sundae bar for dessert.

Do finger foods

These are easy to pick up and eat, especially if your guests will include young children. Think sliders or other small sandwiches, raw or fire-roasted veggies with an assortment of tasty dips, and mini-cupcakes piled with plenty of colorful frosting.

Go formal

Nothing says “you’re special” like a sit-down dinner – with your grad at the head of the table, of course. This might be more appropriate for older grads and parties with smaller attendee lists, but your yard size and overall shape will also dictate what’s best. Happily, your artificial grass is always happy to host tables and chairs as well as feet. You can create one long rectangular table or use multiple tables in various shapes.

For evening parties, choose battery-powered candles for your tables. You’ll get all the soft, glowing, ambiance without worries about breeze, sparks, or waxy mess.

Celebrate with special summer sippers

You could serve the “usual suspects” when it comes to beverages, but this is a special occasion so why not make the drinks special, too? You can create simple, intriguing, and delicious summer beverages appropriate for all ages.

Photos are essential

The older your grad, the more photos you will have available to display his or her journey to this Big Day. Enlarge a couple of favorites and put them on easels – one by the front door to welcome guests, one next to the gift table inside the house or out back. Hang smaller pictures on party-theme colored ribbons, from tree branches, along a wall, wherever works. Or put them in a scrapbook displayed where guests can leaf through the pages. Perhaps on the same table with your Memory Jar.

What’s a Memory Jar? A wonderful way to create a party memento for your grad. Set out a gallon jar or a large, tall vase along with a stack of small notepapers and some pens, then invite each guest to share a memory or wish for the future. Think yearbook, only better.

Whatever the details, your grad party is sure to be a success. And just think – thanks to your easy-care artificial grass, post-party cleanup will be a breeze.

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