Preparing Your Garden for Laying Artificial Turf

12th December, 2016

Today, artificial grass is becoming a popular alternative for homeowners, with artificial turf that looks and feels just like the real thing becoming more widely available. For busy homeowners who want a nice garden but don’t have the time to keep on top of it, artificial turf is a low-maintenance alternative. Knowledge of laying artificial turf isn’t necessary to install it yourself, but it’s essential to have an idea of the process.


Removing Existing Turf

If you currently have a lawn in your garden, the first thing that you will need to do when laying artificial turf is remove any existing turf from the area. To do this, you can use a range of tools. Usually, a turf cutter, spade, or both is used to remove old turf from a garden. Be sure to dig the soil out to a depth of approximately 1.5-2.5 inches. Your artificial turf will need to sit approximately half an inch above any edging.

Protecting Your Turf

Before laying artificial turf, you will need to ensure that it is protected from weeds and other plants which may grow up from underneath it. Failing to add a protective layer could lead to weeds growing up through the turf, leaving it disfigured or buckled. You can use a sheet of weed-supressing membrane, which is placed on top of the lawn space and will go underneath the artificial turf. You can purchase this from most good hardware or DIY stores.


When laying artificial turf, drainage needs to be a main priority. Before finally laying your turf, apply a thin, aggregate layer of sand, grit or crushed stone over the weed-supressing membrane. Then, compact this to provide your turf with a solid base, creating a sturdy and well-draining surface. Then, apply a 1-2cm layer of sharp sand, compacted and smoothed to create an even surface. Finally, lay down shock-absorbent material which will give the grass more cushioning.

Your area is now fully prepared to lay the turf. Do this by aligning the grass to a corner or straight edge if possible, cutting it to the required size, and finally nailing it into place, beginning with each corner. We hope you enjoy your new, easy to maintain garden.

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