Protect Your Grass Against Window Glare

Glare from window reflection can burn grass lawns and melt artificial grass turf. Windows, often Low E coated are the cause of the reflection that burns grass and artificial turf.

Yes, Your Windows Can Burn Your Grass

You worked hard on your yard: you lied the sod or sewed the seed. You watered it. You spread the lime and fertilizer. You make sure it’s mowed and watered. And then when you look out the window you see unsightly burned patches of grass. How can this be that the yard you worked on so much is being ruined so fast? It may be the very windows you’re looking through. Sunlight reflecting off energy efficient windows burns grass in ways that regular glass panes never could because special low-e windows create concentrated beams of hot light that can scorch a lawn, kill flowers and shrubs, and generally wrap havoc on your property.

How You Can Stop Window Reflections Killing Grass

The solution to window glare burning grass in your yard is as simple as having Turf Guard Window Film applied over the exterior of your windows. In one fell swoop this unique perforated window covering can send sunlight scattering instead of letting it concentrate into those damaging beams. Turf Guard Window Film was developed just for the problem of window glare burning grass, reflections melting artificial turf, or window glare melting vinyl siding or other synthetic materials. It is the most cost effective as well as the most overall effective way to protect your property against dangerous and damaging window glare.

window glare burning grass

Window Film for Glare Reduction Will Not Affect the View

Many property owners worry that Turf Guard Window Film will ruin their view out through their windows, but in fact you can see through this window film just fine, enjoying the exterior views as they were meant to be, meaning without a scorched yard. And from the outside, your home (or business) will look as good or even better than ever: some types of Turf Guard Window Film can even enhance the look of the structure by adding color, while others are clear. And window film to stop glare burning yards will not stop the windows from reducing interior heat by cutting down on solar energy.

grass burned from window glare reflection

stop artificial grass from melting

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