Protect Your Yard from Destructive Wild Animals with Synthetic Grass

When you are considering making improvements to the outdoor spaces in your property, adding a synthetic lawn is sure to be one of the options that you consider. This is an easy and cost-effective way of getting a fantastic lawn that requires very little maintenance.

However, you may be slightly worried about whether adding this type of artificial grass could cause problems in terms of the local wildlife. Will you end up with the likes of rabbits, feral cats, and coyotes over-running your property?

They Aren’t Attracted to It

There is a fairly widely believed myth that an artificial lawn attracts wild animals to it. It isn’t clear where this myth started out, but it isn’t at all true.

You certainly don’t need to worry about waking up one morning and finding that the residents of the local forest have all set up home in your lawn. There is nothing to suggest that feral animals find artificial grass especially attractive.

This means that you can plan a beautiful outdoor space without any fear of it acting as some sort of magnet for all of the wild animals in the vicinity. Wild animals simply don’t have any sort of special interest in exploring artificial lawns.

Just ask anyone who already has this type of grass at home, and they will soon let you know that this myth doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny. There are no reliable reports anywhere of wild animals being attracted to artificial grass for any reason.

In Fact, They Will Probably Stay Away from It

The truth is wild animals aren’t attracted to artificial lawn. There are a number of reasons for this that make perfect sense when you think about them.

For a start, the excellent drainage offered by artificial turf means that there are no puddles of water or muddy spots for animals to come and drink from. Most animals look for a water source in the places that they frequent or set up home.

Of course, the artificial blades of grass aren’t likely to be eaten by any creature, so there is no food source waiting for them there either. The fact that synthetic grass doesn’t produce pollen or seeds and doesn’t permit weeds to grow, means that there are likely to be few insects there too.

Overall, this is the kind of attractive lawn that you can enjoy with your loved ones without having to worry about what animals could be lurking nearby. It will also give you more peace and quiet at night if you currently find that the noise of intruding nocturnal creatures sometimes wakes you up.

It Doesn’t Harm Animals

It is also worth pointing out that artificial grass doesn’t harm animals in any way. As we have just seen, they probably won’t even find any reason to check out your lawn in the first place.

However, if they do decide to explore your lawn at some point, there is no way that they are going to be overcome by chemical fumes or choke on blades of artificial grass. They will be completely safe, just as much as you and your family pets are every time that you use it.

Taking all of this into account, you may see this as being the perfect way to keep feral animals away from your garden without causing them any harm. Certainly, if wild animals have been giving you headaches lately, then the switch to artificial grass could give you the perfect solution.

Any animals that have grown accustomed to spending time in your garden will probably just look for somewhere else that is better suited to their needs.

Animals Can’t Damage Your Synthetic Turf Easily

Another concern that could prey on your mind is around whether any wild animals that stray onto your lawn could damage the grass. This is commonly done by digging up the ground or by churning it up when it is soft and muddy after a lot of rain.

Thankfully, neither of these problems is going to cause you concern once you install an artificial lawn. In terms of digging it up, the way that this kind of turf is designed means that it is highly unlikely that any animal in your neighborhood would be able to do this.

It also drains so effectively that there is no risk of it being in a condition that leaves it susceptible to being churned up by paws or hooves. All in all, this type of artificial lawn is going to stay looking as perfect as the day that it was laid, no matter who or what walks across it.

You can also proceed with complete peace of mind if you go for the more economical and environmentally friendly approach of using recycled artificial grass. This is turf that has been used before and has now been made as good as new for another garden.

It Is Easy to Clean an Artificial Lawn

The issue of cleaning up after animals is another point that you should bear in mind when thinking about installing a new lawn. This is typically something that dog and cat owners worry about, although you may wonder what sort of mess other people’s pets and wild animals can live here.

It should be clear by now that it is unlikely that feral animals will spend much time on your lawn anyway. Even if they do, the amount of damage that they can do is close to zero.

If they leave behind a mess or create some rubbish, then this can simply be lifted up and disposed of without any fuss. You can also clean it by simply using your hose to wash it down as needed.

In this way, those homeowners who love the natural look but who don’t want their peace and quiet to be disturbed by wild animals will get a number of benefits from laying a synthetic lawn.

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Protect Your Yard from Destructive Wild Animals with Synthetic Grass

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