Put Down Your Smartphone – Get Outside


Put Down Your Smartphone - Get Outside - It's Spring! http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/put-down-your-smartphone-get-outside-its-spring @heavenlygreensIn case you haven’t noticed, spring is finally here! And if you haven’t noticed, it’s probably because you’re spending way too much time glued to your smartphone or some other tech device. This might be Silicon Valley, but it’s time to get offline and get outside.

What is there to do?

Go for a hike. There are countless opportunities here in the South Bay Area or a short drive away, from walking around the neighborhood (yours or someone else’s) to community-built walking and hiking trails, to all levels of hiking in the woods. While you’re on the move, make mental notes of flowers or shrubs you might like to add to your yard. Do that in the forest, too – many native plants make exceptional yard plantings also.


Ride your bike, or your motorcycle. Learn to skateboard.


This area is home to several excellent museums – but we’re promoting the outdoors here, so plan to visit the Municipal Rose Garden. It may be a bit early to get the full whiff, so to speak, but when those 4,000 specimens are in full bloom, the color and heady fragrances are irresistible. Have a seat and sit a while.


And then there’s the Heritage Rose Garden, which boasts almost 3,000 different varieties of roses. With that many options, you’re sure to spy a shrub rose, tree rose, or climber that would look just as exquisite in your yard.


Early farmer’s markets will soon be getting underway. Gorgeous (and tasty) fresh produce and more. Going to the farmer’s market is an event in itself, and you get to bring home the goods. Take the kids, to get them interested in veggies (and maybe follow up by planting a veggie garden at home.)


Hit the flea market on Berryessa Road, to find a “find” just perfect for your next project. Or a new “objet d’art” for your garden.


Of course, you may not want to leave home

If you’re one of the savvy homeowners who have already replaced your tired, less-than-inviting lawn with artificial grass, you’ve given your own personal outdoors a major uplift. Show off that gorgeous fake grass by hosting a barbeque. Or a pool party. What?! No pool? The kids and dog will love your foresight when you set out a wading pool. Play nice, and they’ll let you dunk your feet, too.


If you haven’t yet made the switch, what are you waiting for? Heavenly Greens has specially-designed synthetic grass to match your every desire. Lush, fluffy grass for lawns and hardscape surrounds. Safety-first grassy flooring for kids play areas. Dog-friendly grass. And turf to build a bocce court or custom putting green.


“Disappointing” news: no maintenance required

Perhaps you’re that one-in-a-million person who has been looking forward to getting your outdoor exercise this spring and summer by tending to your ever-needy lawn. Mowing, raking, spreading grass seed and fertilizer and pesticide. And let’s not forget lugging that hose around to position your sprinkler just so. If that’s you, well, you’re out of luck. Artificial grass doesn’t accommodate that.


Artificial grass is for quiet times, too.

Hang out and do nothing. Your mom might have called that being lazy, but we call it relaxing. Winding down. Everyone needs a Zen moment now and then – in fact, practicing your yoga moves outdoors on the lawn is a beautifully satisfying way to start (or end) your day.


Or sit back and relax under a shady tree, with that book you’ve been meaning to read. Or the one you just can’t put down. A cold beverage and maybe a snack, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect afternoon.

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