Save Time On Yard Work With These 5 Tips

Some people may enjoy yard work, but most find it cumbersome and tedious. Yet, it is still something that every homeowner must do to protect their investment and make their property enjoyable for their family and guests. So, why not make sure you know every tip to save time on yard work.

There are some lawn care hacks that you can use to make your maintenance tasks more manageable and save time on yard work. Implementing these five suggestions will greatly improve both your effectiveness and your mood.

1. Plan ahead.

One of the problems with lawn care is the failure to plan tasks. This can make the whole experience seem overwhelming. You want to do something like weeding, but find there is no weed whip string. You want to mow, but need gas or oil for the lawnmower.

Planning ahead and getting all the material required in advance of lawn day will go a long way in relieving your stress and will save time on yard work.

To properly plan, set aside goals for the day and the time anticipated in accomplishing them. Then, look at your lawn supplies to make sure you have everything you need.

2. Delegating chores.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Involve your family, especially you kids in keeping up with the work. This can create a sense of family pride, allows you time to spend with your kids, teaches them a valuable work ethic, and it saves time on yard work. It also teaches them some skills.

For those without children, you can decide which chores you do best and which are best to hire a professional to do. Sometimes, you save money by contracting the work out where you can dedicate more time to your job making a higher rate than you are paying out.

3. Take on the difficult areas first.

Many people will put off the hardest project to the end, only to delay it another week. This makes it even more challenging to accomplish the next week because it is more of a mess.

Do the hardest projects first to ultimately save time on yard work. Then, everything else seems much easier and quicker and that will motivate you to finish all the lawn care.

4. Maintain all equipment and lawn supplies.

Keeping a handle on all your equipment and supply needs will make lawn care less daunting. Most lawnmowers and similar equipment have scheduled maintenance, so keeping a calendar of when to take your equipment in would help. Also, remember to get your maintenance done in the offseason like fall or winter. You will save on costs and get your equipment back sooner.

Having everything you need ready to go will save time on yard work because you will not need to stop to go buy or fix something.

5. Install synthetic grass.

This is a simple solution for those who detest lawn maintenance. While installation can cost some money, it has been proven to save money over a 10-year period. Money savings comes in reduced lawn care, virtually no lawn chemicals to buy, and reduced water use.

Having synthetic grass saves time on yard work because there will no longer be mowing, weeding and other similar tasks to do. The bonus is artificial grass looks great all year.

A little planning, some investment and the ability to let others help with lawn maintenance will result in a great looking lawn and a much happier you throughout the summer.

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