Should I Install Synthetic Turf In My Man Cave? 

synthetic turf in man cave with putting green

Those contemplating creating a man cave would do well to consider all the ways synthetic turf can be used! While many may think the only use for artificial grass is on outdoor athletic fields, there are actually numerous ways to use it to make the perfect man

Synthetic Turf Flooring

Synthetic turf makes a great floor covering instead of carpet. It is a great theme for men who like sports and is a way to bring the outdoors into the room. It adds life to a basement room.

Artificial grass is easy to keep clean because all you need to do with it is vacuum it like carpet. Unlike carpet, it doesn’t stain. Guys can spill food, beer, and nacho cheese dip and it can be wiped up with a sponge, water and little mild detergent.

Small Rugs Made Of Artificial Grass

Those who don’t want the entire room filled with synthetic turf can use smaller pieces like an area rug. These work well in key areas where there could be a mess. A small rug can be placed just inside an outside door or near patio doors, under and around a pool table or other gaming items and around the immediate television area.

Protecting Your Floors With Synthetic Turf

Those who have hardwood floors will love how synthetic turf can protect them! You can cut small round sections to place under sofa or chair legs, pool tables, pinball machines, ping pong tables, air hockey games, karaoke machines or other large pieces of musical equipment or sound systems. The artificial grass will prevent these heavier items from pressing into the wood floors, causing damage over time.

Protect Your Furniture

Just like cutting circles or smaller pieces to protect your floors, you can cut them to create coasters or put on food trays to protect the topside of your furniture as well. Synthetic turf looks great when used this way and keeps moisture and food from damaging tables and ottomans.


Those with some crafting skills can use artificial grass to cover chairs, barstools or benches. This is not only a creative theme but is practical as it can be combined with padding for comfort while preventing stains from accumulating.

Putting Greens and Basketball Hoops

Guys who would like to practice their putting on rainy days would love an indoor putting green and artificial grass is a way to accomplish that. Synthetic turf makes for a great putting green that can easily be created in a man cave.

If a guy is into basketball, artificial grass can be used on a small indoor basketball court and even on the walls behind the goal to prevent wall damage, noise or an out-of-control rebound. It’s a great way to set off the area and provide for some outside activity indoors.

A man cave should include all the things he loves. With synthetic turf, it can and makes cleanup easier too.

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