Solve Artificial Turf Melting Problem With Window Tint Film

Installing an artificial turf rather than having natural grass to your lawn is an intelligent and cost-wise move. However, you must be smart enough to address one of its disadvantages which is artificial turf melting.

The primary cause of artificial turf melting is nothing but the intense heat of the sun. With the sun’s deadly ultraviolet (UV) radiation, one should not treat it as a minor threat to your valued turf.

To understand why the sun is a severe problem in your yard, just read the following information.

Sun’s Reflection and Surface Overheating

If you buy a fake grass, make it a point that you will also ask the manufacturer about how to lessen the sun’s reflection. You must remember that the sun gives off the deadly UV rays and it will just heat up everything on earth, of course, including your outdoor turf.

The reflection and sun’s glare coming from your window film will ultimately destroy the layout of your lawn. Most of the artificial turf could only stand about 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit; more than this will lead to shrinkage and turf disintegration or melting.

The cost of artificial grass for residential yards is getting affordable nowadays; however, you would not like to change and install another turf in just one year. Lawn turf cost is not an issue if you want the best lawn. It is how it can withstand the sun’s reflection and heat.

Installing the Best Film to Counter the Sun’s Reflection

The good thing is that the problem on artificial turf melting is not anymore invulnerable.  There is a specific type of window film that is capable of reducing the impact of the sun’s reflection on your artificial turf. It is time for you to discover the might of the Clear Perforated Film.

How Clear Perforated Film Saves Your Artificial Lawn

From 5 feet x 54 inches to 100 feet x 54 inches, this type of film will surely protect everything. It is specially made to reduce the impact of the sun’s heat automatically. As a result, your artificial turf will surely last long, even for a lifetime.

The artificial lawn company that knows the best for your artificial turf will recommend the installation of Clear Perforated Window Film. Aside from the capability to trap the damaging reflection of the sun, this film also got the total customers’ satisfaction due to its effortless installation.

So, no need to worry now about artificial turf melting, just grab your Clear Perforated Window Film and enjoy the luxury of the best lawn ever.

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