sports fields,football turf,synthetic turf, artificial turf, turf maintenance, DFW, TX, Texas Contrary to popular belief, synthetic turf is NOT maintenance free. Proper maintenance is essential in order to provide the best possible return on your investment.Common problems with synthetic turf are debris and bacteria buildup within the infill along with the compaction of the playing surface which leads to a reduced life span of your field and a greater susceptibility towards injury or illness of your athletes.A well maintained field will allow athletes to perform to the best of their ability by promoting health, safety, long life span of the turf, aesthetically pleasing appearance and most importantly to preserve the original performance characteristics of the playing surface. Jeff Bresee with Sports Engineering Technologies, Inc. will discuss how a properly maintained field by TSI will provide a safe field for your athletes from an impact standpoint. After g-maxTSI’s solution will de-compact the playing surface, remove debris from the infill, kill all bacteria residing in your field and extend the life of your field which will provide a better return on your investment. Your synthetic turf field IF maintained by Turf Solutions, Inc will perform the way it was intended. Dallas, DFW, Ft. Worth, Metroplex, Plano, Austin, Houston, Waco TX, Texas, North Texas


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