Spring is in the air

We’re finally free from the shackles of the cold winter, and we’re ready to immerse ourselves in the splendour of spring! Thankfully, the days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising – and better still, conditions for gardening are improving by the day!

So, what do the keen outdoorsman of the world have to look forward to over the coming months? Here are some of our favourite perks of the outdoors in spring:


This time of year isn’t called spring for nothing! Plant growth is at its most prominent during springtime due to weather conditions at this time of year. Light, warmth, soil, compost and water from rain showers gives plants the nutrients they need to really flourish, making it the perfect time for any budding gardener to get started. As well as plants, spring is also a busy time for vegetable growers as the increase in temperature lends itself well to much of the UK’s local produce.


Spring is your first chance to catch a glimpse of many of the animals and wildlife who’ll have spent much of winter in hibernation. You may start to notice the presence of queen bees, toads, frogs, hedgehogs, and potentially even lizards and snakes depending on where you’re based. Animals such as squirrels tend to become much more active in the warmth of spring, so make sure to keep a keen eye out for those too!

Outdoor walks and hikes

How familiar does this sound? You’d planned to go out on a leisurely stroll around a local park one Sunday in January, but every time Sunday came you were met with 4 degrees, cold winds and drizzle… well, now spring has arrived you should be able to plan away, free from the dread of potentially cancellations due to weather. Go ahead and take that walk, or even climb that mountain!

Picnic season

We know you’ve been eyeing up that artificial lawn all winter, and now the time has come to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Make the most of the warmer weather, rounding up your family and friends for as many BBQs and picnics as you can fit in (within reason of course). Luckily for those of you who’ve had artificial grass already installed, you’ll know that it dries far quicker than traditional turf. We aren’t always blessed with the driest of climates in the UK, so a fast-draining grass system to quickly remove any wet spots will always prove to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

If you’d like to see how Artificial Grass Direct can help with your home solution, please get in touch with our expert team today who’ll be more than happy to advise.

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