Synthetic Turf Durability: Can Turf Hold Up Against My Dogs?

dog on synthetic turf

Some homeowners considering artificial grass worry their pets will tear into their new investment. It’s an understandable worry. Artificial grass installation can be a significant upfront cost and you want to make the most of it over a minimum 10-year period, so synthetic turf durability comes into question.

Pet owners find that artificial grass is an awesome solution to many of their yard and pet problems because of synthetic turf durability. There are several reasons why this product is perfect for those with both dogs and cats whether you use it indoors or outside.

It’s Playtime

Both dogs and cats have a need to play. The first thing many dogs do when they are let out is take off running. That means their nails dig into the ground for traction. With cats, their play can be scratching, jumping, climbing, chasing and racing. This also means heavy traffic in the yard using claws.

Artificial turf is made for this type of heavy traffic and more that ensures synthetic turf durability. It is constructed with a mesh backing that lays on the ground and that backing is virtually indestructible and will not pull up with claws. Synthetic grass blades are made to withstand traffic as well and the infill keeps them standing tall even when your pets are rolling all over them.

All you will need to do to refresh the grass is to use a soft-bristled broom every once in a while to bring those matted down up to full height.

Digging and Chewing

The construction of artificial grass is done with synthetic turf durability for pet owners in mind. The mesh backing prevents your dog from digging through it to the ground. Dogs will try because they love to bury things or dig a cool spot to lay in. Yet, they will not succeed with artificial grass.

Synthetic turf durability applies to the blades as well. The blades, made from nylon and polyurethane, can withstand any attempt to chew by a pet. Both dogs and cats like to eat grass and may try to chew on the blades at first. It will be fruitless because artificial grass blades won’t shred like grass, so your pet will never be able to eat them.

However, each unsuccessful attempt will train them to avoid this behavior. You can add to the new training by having a patio spot of eatable grass created to meet pets’ nutritional needs. Your pet will soon learn that is the only spot worth chewing on.

Other Behaviors

There are other pet challenges that synthetic turf durability resolves. One is it eliminates low lying areas permanently. Installation includes getting rid of dips and valleys so there will be no more standing water for pets to splash in or mud holes for them to roll in. Since the product is meant to last for years, this problem essentially goes away forever. This means your pets will be cleaner when they come back inside.

They also will have fewer fleas and ticks as artificial grass reduces bugs in the yard.

Using the Bathroom

While cats may have a litter box, some may still use the bathroom outside. Dogs will always need to go out. Neither has a problem using artificial grass as it feels like the real thing. You won’t have a problem with it either because the cleanup afterward is as easy as using a spray hose. Synthetic turf durability means your product won’t be left stained!

When considering artificial grass, ask about the warranty. Some will include an additional pet warranty to make sure you’re covered for anything. And when you are ready to buy artificial grass, then come by Artificial Turf Express!

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