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Artificial Grass for the Hospitality Industry

  The original intention of the creators of the artificial grass was for it to be used on outdoor areas such as playgrounds and playing fields. It has proven itself in to be useful also for recreational and residential use but the potential of synthetic grass does not stop there. Artificial Grass and Its Other […]

Where to Place Artificial Grass

When the subject of artificial turf is proposed, it is common for people to immediately think of a backyard, sports field, putting green or even commercial place. After all, where else would you put it? Here at Great Grass we want to try and educate our readers when it comes to where you can and […]

The Many Uses Of Fake Grass

With so many real benefits to using fake grass, it has become increasingly popular in different quarters. Artificial grass has proven quite revolutionary and its versatility has seen it being used for various applications. Check out our Artificial Grass Gallery. With each new dawn, homeowners and businesses alike are finding new and creatively unique ways […]