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Everything You May Want to Know about Artificial Turf

Artificial turf, synthetic grass, and fake lawn are just within your reach. This product has changed the aesthetic look of many backyards. With its lush green color, it is as good as the natural grass. Some people say that it is even better. It does not require much maintenance. Moreover, it does not loosen even […]

5 Synthetic Turf Pro Skills for Damage Turf Solutions

There are a lot of pros in choosing artificial turf over natural grass. First of all, it’s low maintenance, which means less effort and cost to keep it looking beautiful. You can also save a significant amount of water costs in using synthetic turf. And most of all, it is pesticide-free which means that you […]

How the Glare from a Window Burns the Grass & Some Ways to Stop It

Have you heard that the glare from a window burns the grass? It’s a widespread problem with homeowners who have lawns at home. They see brown, withering spots on the surface of their lawn, making it unappealing. The question is – how is this happening? Window Reflection – The Cause of Turf Damage We often […]