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Everything You May Want to Know about Artificial Turf

Artificial turf, synthetic grass, and fake lawn are just within your reach. This product has changed the aesthetic look of many backyards. With its lush green color, it is as good as the natural grass. Some people say that it is even better. It does not require much maintenance. Moreover, it does not loosen even […]

Tips for a Backyard Dog Agility Course

  There are so many benefits to dog agility; it’s no wonder the competitions have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years. Training your dog for an agility competition is not only physical activity for your canine, but it also is great mental stimulation. The time you spend training and competing is […]

Synthetic Turf solutions for pets – All Seasons Synthetic Turf

Here at All Seasons Synthetic Turf, we are dedicated to help you make the right decision when choosing the right turf for your pet and children. We all love our pets but growing real lawn and keeping it nice can become hard work and expensive.    By the time we arrive to measure up, our […]

How to eliminate the smell of dog urine from artificial grass

With summer here and the occasional spell of lovely dry weather I am getting asked by more and more people about how to remove the smell of dog urine from an artificial grass lawn. Basically what is happening in the summer months is the lower levels of rain is causing the ammonia from the dog […]

6 Things You’ll Love About Artificial Grass for Dogs

We all love to see our pets having a good time. But have you ever considered whether your lawn or yard could be better for your cat or dog? Our furry legged friends love to get out on the grass. However, if you have a natural grass area, then maybe this has led to some […]