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Mastering How to Stop Window Reflection in 3 Simple Steps

Since people found out that the glare from a window melts the vinyl siding, they want to know how to stop window reflection. Window glare occurs when the sun shines on the glazing of a window. According to studies, window reflections can cause the cladding to melt. When the reflected heat hits your wall, it […]

Avoid This Mistake When the Sun Reflection Is Burning the Grass

Is the sun reflection burning the grass in your garden? Many people are dealing with this issue. However, only a few people know that the glare from a window burns the grass. In this post, we will explain how this strange, yet widespread phenomenon happens. How Is the Glare From a Window Killing the Grass? […]

Why Do You Need to Protect Grass from Window Reflection?

Why Do You Need to Protect Grass from Window Reflection?

A lush, green lawn at home can be inviting to look at. It can beautify the view from your windows, especially when it’s green and without any dirt or trash scattered on it. However, caring and maintaining natural grass can be exhausting and expensive. More than that, planting and growing real grass is a hard […]

3 Ways to Prevent Window Reflection Killing the Grass

It is more cost efficient to have artificial grass in your home than real grass. Having artificial turf on your lawn eliminates the task of having to condition your soil, plant the seeds, watering it regularly, and planting again when some of the seeds won’t grow. The time to complete this process and have beautiful […]