The Buyers Guide to Artificial Grass

The choice of artificial grass these days’ spreads far and wide and we bet you are wondering which one to choose. As more and more people recognise the benefits for this low maintenance solution and there’s a lot more to choose from this can often become a confusing process, but rest assured, it doesn’t need to be.

We have put together this handy guide so that you can learn a little more about artificial grass and understand what is available on the market so that you make the best choice for you!


The first decision that needs to be made is whether you are going to try and install artificial grass yourself or source somebody else to install it for you. Lion Lawns offers a supply and installation service to the Teesside and surrounding areas and strongly recommend that if you are not a qualified artificial grass installer then ensure you get a professional in. This is because there is so much to consider including the existing base works, new base, skip hire and a good quality weed membrane. There are many things that could go wrong which could be detrimental and damage your Lion Lawns artificial grass, so do it once and do it right.


Something that may confuse many is how the grass stays down, how is it fixed/fitted? There are two possibilities to ensure that your lawn won’t blow away in a gale force wind!

  • The lawn is infilled with a specialised silica sand. Not only does this ensure that the lawn stays fixed, it also helps prevent the lawn from going flat and is particularly useful for anything above a 28mm pile height. Infill helps to protect the grass too so that you can ensure the longevity of your new artificial grass.
  • The lawn is screwed at the edges into a recycled plastic edging- TIP: Do not use a timber edging as this will rot over time.

Lion Lawns recommends a combination of both and that is what we do with all our installations.

Pile height

First and foremost, what is the pile height? Well this is the length of the artificial grass blades. Be careful because if a product is fully texturised, often the product pile height will be based on either the length of the blade or the length fully texturised so make sure that you get clarification before going ahead.

We always tell our customers to ask themselves what exactly are they using the artificial grass for? This is because longer pile height products often get flatter more if they are being used heavily. A product less than 25mm should be used if your garden is being used by children on a regular basis. Anything 30mm or above should be used if you are planning on having very light activity on your lawn, perhaps if you prefer to admire it from your window. However, this all depends on the grass and its density, make sure that you thoroughly examine your product before you buy.

That is exactly why here at Lion Lawns we provide free samples of all our products, which includes free postage. Get in touch with us today to get yours by either emailing [email protected] or completing our online form here.


The colour is always an important part, green isn’t just green! There are so many different choices and these are catered to specific purposes too. For example, there are all green products, products with a brown thatch, different shades of green and even colourful products too. Think of what you would like to see in your garden? Do you want a freshly mowed effect look? A vibrant green which looks like a summer garden all year long?


Top Tip: When examining your artificial grass samples look at the backing… does it appear strong, are the grass blades held in tightly together? Is it too bendy or stiff? Are there small manufactured holes in it? Lion Lawns use a perforated backing which allows for good drainage which eliminates the risk of flooding.

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The Buyers Guide to Artificial Grass

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