The Case for Artificial Grass

Still trying to decide whether or not artificial grass is for you? And not from an aesthetic point of view either. You love the look of artificial grass, but wonder if the numbers make sense. It could be that you are curious about maintenance or durability. Whatever the reason, consider this to be your go to reference for the “Case for Artificial Grass.” Court is in session.

The first is heat. While it is true artificial grass gets hotter than normal grass, the temperature differential is relative. Normal grass has water flowing through its blade to help keep it cool. Artificial grass my not have this, yet it the heat does not increase proportionately with the temperature because it is made from polypropylene which is a Phase Change material. These are materials that absorb heat without causing a drastic change in temperature.

The second issue is durability. How about not having to mow your grass for 15-20 years? That sounds like a fair trade to me. Even better, the average artificial grass lawn pays for itself in about 3-4 years. I doubt you get a 100% return on your investment maintaining your lawn the traditional way. And while dirt does accumulate, a simple wash down with a hose is all that’s required to clean it up. Plus, the water won’t make your grass grow either. That’s a win win.

Now let’s look at the benefits. Stack them up against the two dominant issues surrounding artificial grass versus regular grass, and artificial grass wins hands down. Read on for the benefits.


You know how annoying your lawn service can be when they drop by unexpectedly at 7:30am to service your lawn? Well, kiss those days goodbye with artificial grass. Once installed, it never needs to be cut.

Save Money.

Think of how much money you spend on lawn maintenance. First, you need a lawn mower. That costs money. You probably need a weed eater too. Those aren’t cheap either. That’s not all though. Both items need gas and oil. They carry other maintenance costs too. When they break, more money is required to fix them.

In addition, there are costs associated with watering your lawn. Sprinkler systems are costly to install and need constant maintenance. Add in timers and special fertilizers and your lawn maintenance costs soar.

Environmental Impact.

Since there is no need for the using expensive products to fertilize and maintain your lawn, you are making a positive impact on the environment. Plus, score yourself a few extra bonus points for not using weed killers as well. Artificial grass is ironically one of the best things you can do to go green. It’s a non-natural way to go all natural.

Great Drainage.

Artificial grass has excellent water shedding properties. After it rains, two things happen. First, any dirt that has accumulated from normal wear and tear is washed away. Second, no annoying puddles. If your yard suffered from poor drainage before, installing artificial grass will help tremendously. Imagine walking out onto your puddle free yard after a hard rain. It’s a great visual. Let it sink in for a moment. Just be quick. Artificial grass dries quick too.

No Embarrassment.

Let’s face it. We have all canceled an event or two at our house because our lawn looked horrible. We love our family and friends, but we can’t have them wading through weedville to get to our front door. Artificial grass puts those days in the past. You can be honest, social and inviting again. Plus, you will love the fact that it looks fantastic all the time because you never have to cut it!

No Sports Damage.

Now you won’t be that grumpy man or woman on the block yelling at kids who play on your lawn. They can play all they want. It will not damage the artificial turf. So get ready to round up a game of football, teeball or hide and seek. Artificial grass was made for this sort of thing!

Now you have a strong case for artificial grass. Yet, you don’t have to rely on these points alone, Some times other factors can make the decision for you. For instance, if you live in an area with little to no rain, artificial grass will give you a green lawn for years to come. It makes a lot of sense in arid dry climates. Plus, it beautifies the landscape too.

Other reasons? Maybe you live in an area where lawn maintenance is too high. Consider the state of California. The state is still recovering from a 6 year drought. To help, the state offered lawn rebates to those who would make the switch from a traditional lawn to artificial grass. To encourage the move, law makers enacted water usage restrictions and fines if homeowners were found to be out of compliance. What little water could be used was at a premium as homeowners found their water prices soaring. Artificial grass made a lot of sense in this instance. Many homeowners made the switch.

Look at another state, Nevada. The The Southern Nevada Water Authority states that home owners save 55 gallons of water for every square foot natural grass traded for artificial grass. Toss in the fact that a few water supplying utility companies in these drought-prone locals offer cash rebates for installing artificial grass, and you have a strong case for making the switch. Especially at $1 per square foot.

The same could be said for other states with arid climates. This could be part of the reason artificial grass has experienced such a surge in recent years. Its popularity for landscaping in the US has seen an increased by 10%-15% each year. It might be the versatility aspect though. People use artificial grass around their pools, in between pavers, for dog runs, roof top decks, back yard putting greens and play areas for their kids. The durability and maintenance aspects make sense for these applications.

The real question though, is what makes sense for you? If you live in an area that is prone to drought, then maybe the rebates and year round manicured lawn make sense. If you are tired of cutting grass or live in an area where lawn maintenance is extremely high, artificial grass could make the most sense. It could even be you are an environmentally conscious person. The low impact artificial grass makes on the ecosystem it a perfect choice for those homeowners who want to go green. No more pollutants in your lawn in the form of pesticides and weed killer. Just nice, green grass.

No matter the reason, we have given you the case. There are so many benefits to artificial grass. No wonder it’s popularity is increasing each year. It is changing and shaping the opinion of homeowners everywhere. What was once thought of in conjunction with sports enterprises like the NFL is now associated with your next door neighbor. The case for artificial grass proves one undeniable reality. The lawn of the future is quickly becoming the lawn of today.

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