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More often than not, people don’t know about artificial lawns and often make presumptions about them. We see so many people unsure about the product as they simply don’t know enough about it, this often leads to myths being created about the product which may very well put you off. So, in this Lion Lawns blog, we are clearing it all up for you and giving you the facts plain and simple so that you know all there is to know about artificial turf before you make that all-important decision. So, let’s get to it!

We have put some of the most common statements in this article to give you a bit more guidance on artificial lawns:

“I can only get an artificial lawn installed in the summer”

Although some installations of synthetic grass are weather dependable, regardless of which season it is you can actually get your lawn installed at any time of the year! In fact, sometimes this is even better as the turnover period tends to be shorter. TIP: Enquire between November and January and you could get your lawn installed within a few days of receiving your free sample!

“I would get an artificial lawn, but my pet can’t use it”

All Lion Lawns artificial grass is proven to be super pet friendly but that’s not all. Pets can treat this exactly as they usually do with natural grass, if they decide to ‘do their business’ on the surface then you can just pick it up as you normally would, you pay choose to give it a hose down or a soak with soapy water. But this will not do any damage to the lawn, and pets love it too! (it is a great back scratcher for dogs!)

“You don’t have to do anything to maintain artificial lawns”

This is very common amongst people who have already had their garden completed. Although artificial turf often means very low maintenance, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything with it! Especially if it has been down for a long time. A gentle brushing of the surface works miracles and can drastically save years of life on the product. This helps to redistribute the silica sand infill, allowing the grass blades to stand up in the correct direction thus protecting the yarn.

Weeds can’t grow through Lion Lawns artificial grass surfaces however if debris is left on the garden for a while, including leaves, not only does this build up contaminants that ‘clog up’ the surface, but it encourages air-born weeds. These grow on top of the surface. Looking after the artificial lawn will prevent this from happening.

“An artificial lawn is so easy to install, anyone can do it!”

There is a lot involved in artificial lawn installation, if you choose not to use our installation service then we couldn’t recommend more highly that you use someone qualified to install artificial grass. Regularly, customers are left disappointed due to bad installs mainly because the base works are not completed correctly and have a knock-on effect on the way the grass is laid.

“Artificial grass is cheap looking, it looks plastic and fake!”

The product has advanced so much over the past decade that it now looks and feels like natural grass. There are so many different options available that the previous reputation is virtually non-existent.

We hope this has clarified some of your queries but if you need any further advice on the ‘myths’ of artificial lawns, give us a call on 01642 713 555.

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