It seems everywhere you go now there is fake grass. Whether that be during our weekly shopping trip to the supermarkets or to large DIY stores. It is everywhere! And although you may be able to buy it quite easily, fitting is another job completely and what many do not realise is that it isn’t straightforward. At Lion Lawns, we can do everything for you, that includes supply of the highest quality grass plus full installation. But what we are looking at today is, why the sudden craze?

We have been in the business for nearly a decade and it is busier now more than ever. The product has had a chance to be tested by many households and now all their friends and family are jumping on board; recognising the important benefits fake grass brings to their lives.

What Does Fake Grass Offer?

  • Less work for you to do- Fake grass is very low to maintain. Firstly, it doesn’t grow which is difficult to keep on top of in the summer with natural grass.
  • A play area for the whole family- Fake grass has been tested rigorously over the years and is proven to be safe for everyone, that includes pets too!
  • You can admire it with ease- knowing your garden isn’t a temporary fix and will last for years to come brings a sigh of relief. Plus, fake grass looks fantastic and has now been perfected to mimic real grass.

Guisborough Fake Grass Installation

And we know this is the reason why our clients in Guisborough have decided to contact Lion Lawns for a synthetic turf install. 18.8 square metres of our Vision artificial grass was used. This is a 24mm product and is a middle of the range price. The turf is all-green. We know what you’re thinking, ‘All Fake Grass is Green’. Well yes you are right, but some are coupled with brown curled fake grass running through. An all-green product gives a slightly different look.


The brand new artificial grass garden



Vision offers a thick, soft and healthy-looking appearance

Another job very well done thanks to our team of highly skilled installers

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The Real Reason Why Everyone is Moving to Fake Grass in 2017

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