Unique Uses for Artificial Grass

There are so many things to do with synthetic grass in your Fresno home, beyond the usual uses. Artificial grass take can many forms in your space, all it takes is a little imagination! Many homeowners love turf for uses such as residential lawns, playground surfaces, and putting greens. These are all wonderful ways to implement synthetic grass into your home, but we’ve compiled a list of out of the box uses for our state-of-the-art turf that will elevate your space!

Use it as carpet in your outdoor living area!

Areas like rooftops, decks, and balconies get a lot of sun during the summer months in Fresno. Often times, your concrete flooring is too hot to walk on and prevents you from enjoying your outdoor living spaces. The solution? Replace your concrete with artificial grass! Not only is our grass temperature controlled, but it also offers a cushiony surface for laying out or hosting friends and family. Your space will go from unlivable to functional with a simple installation by SYNLawn Fresno. Our synthetic grass is able to be shaped to match the existing design of your outdoor living area perfectly. Elevate the look and feel of your area and let us transform your outdoor space into your favorite “room” of the house.

Use it on your walls!

Artificial green walls are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Installing a green wall in your home will instantly liven the space and add a design element that is unmatched. Our panel system allows for each piece to blend seamlessly with the next. VistaGreen® captures the vibrant colors and shadings you would find in nature and mimics the realistic movement of your favorite plants.

Use it for your pet!

Your furry friend loves to spend time in your yard, but they are always digging, tracking mud into the house and leaving waste behind on your lawn. Installing synthetic pet turf will eliminate all these issues! Our pet turf includes these amazing features that will make your life easier and your pet happier:

  • No dirt or mud to be tracked into your home
  • No brown spots caused by urine
  • No digging, no holes in your yard
  • Optimal drainage at a rate of 30 inches per hour
  • No pests such as fleas or ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease
  • Odor control
  • No moles or gophers
  • Added security upgrades available
  • Cooler, more comfortable surface thanks to our patented Omega Technology

Feeling inspired to think outside the box with SYNLawn Fresno synthetic grass? Contact us for a free design consultation!

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