Upleatham Lawn Transformed with Lion Lawns Installation

Have you ever wondered what to do with a certain area of your garden? Perhaps you have pets that love to dig soil and plants up. Do you need a low maintenance solution? Well look no further. Here at Lion Lawns, we are pet lovers ourselves and think that there is nothing better for your pooch than a vibrant green surface for them to scratch their backs on during those long summer days.

Artificial grass is renowned for its properties that make our lives a little easier, for one it doesn’t grow so you can throw that old rusty lawnmower out. Secondly, it doesn’t get muddy, instead of a mud infill we use a silica sand which is practically invisible but helps to protect the grass for years to come. But one of our most popular questions is; is it suitable for dogs? Well we have known our fair share of diggers, tuggers and messy dogs who just love artificial grass.

And this brings us to Upleatham in North Yorkshire where we created a safe suitable surface for all the family included the much beloved pets; Newfoundland dogs.

lion lawns installation

The lawn getting trimmed in by the install team

We used Eden for this artificial grass install, its memory yarn technology means it springs back into shape after use. A total of 78.4 square metres of this lush top spec product were fitted on Thursday and what an outcome!

What’s to know?

Another important question is; how do you treat artificial grass with pets? And the answer is you do it exactly as you would with natural grass. For dog waste simply remove from the surface (occasionally our clients like to give it a bit of a hose down too).

TIP: Never pick a really long pile height if you have pets, this is not suitable and is more of an excuse for your pet to be able to grasp the grass in their teeth and pull. We recommend Finesse Lite which has recently upgraded and stands at 24mm.

lion lawns installation

It was fantastic seeing the dogs on the surface, they were really enjoying it straight away!

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