Using Lawn Care Sand Correctly

Feeding your lawn with quality nutrients is important. In lawn care, sand can help toad to the health of your grass as well as add to the overall look of it. Consider if your lawn needs this type of back up plan.

Feeding The Lawn

During the spring, your lawn needs to be feed to prepare it for the long summer. Doing so helps to prevent the weeds that grow here and it helps to improve the disease risks that your grass faces. When your lawn is cared for, it also looks green. To accomplish this, you do need to consider using a fertilizer. You want the NPK to be balanced. This stands for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. A good ratio according to professionals is 11 to 4 to 8.

Before adding fertilizer, be sure the ground has been aerated to add air to the ground. Remove anything that should not be there. Cover any bare sections of soil with a lawn care sand application. Use a spreader to spread the fertilizer evenly. You should cover your lawn correctly with the fertilizer, minimizing overlapping. The best time to apply a fertilizer to the lawn is right after it has rained well.

Throughout The Year

You do need to consider your lawn all year long. In the winter, remove weeds. In the fall, be sure to remove leaves. If the soil is too thin, such as being mushy when walked on, consider adding to it. In this situation, lawn care sand should be applied to the area to fill in the layers better. Add a soil blend on top of this so that you will remove any problem areas.

Caring Long Term

It is necessary to care for your long in the long term. You should never cut your lawn too low, which should not be more than a third of the length of the blade. You should keep weeds out of your yard. To do this, consider using chemical based products like herbicides but use them according to directions provided. You should remove any moss build up by using a rake to remove or use aeration. Follow your local codes for lawn watering. You can use other methods such as a wetting substance to help you as well. Do not over cut your lawn or over fertilize it.

When doing these things correctly, you will find that you can maintain a healthy lawn. Use lawn care sand and other products to help you with these things.

Source by Andrew Caxton


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