What Happens If A Critter Like A Mole Gets Under Your Artificial Turf? What Should You Do?

Those wretched moles! And their equally wretched cousins, gophers! Digging up a storm, and making a big mess of your lawn, one hole or mound at a time. It’s enough to make any self-respecting home owner throw in the towel. You might as well pave over your yard and be done with it.


Whoa! We know how frustrated you are with moles, gophers, voles, and their rodent relatives, but that’s no reason to go overboard. There is a saner, prettier solution: switching to artificial grass. Today’s synthetic turf is realistically gorgeous and amazingly tough, so you can achieve two goals at once:

  • Establish a forever-lovely lawn that will foil those pesky rodents
  • Save time, money and the additional aggravation of lawn maintenance

You don’t often find a solution this valuable.


Why are moles and gophers so destructive?

They don’t set out to ruin your yard, they are merely looking for food – mostly in the form of roots and small plants. So they burrow along under the surface where the soil is richest and most likely to hold tasty goodies, munching as they go. Unfortunately, their quest for food causes holes and mounds that are ugly and can easily trip you up.


And all that tunneling underground causes the soil surface to collapse, leaving you sinkholes, too. And those moles and gopher are motivated! A single gopher can create as many as 300 holes a year and move literally tons of soil. No wonder your lawn looks so awful and you feel so defeated.


Artificial turf is an ideal solution

As much as we hate the damage moles and gophers can create, most of us also feel guilty at the thought of using poisons and traps and other cruel means to get rid of them. Replacing your lawn with artificial grass is the kinder, gentler approach – simply causing the rodents to make their homes elsewhere.


It’s the only thing that will work, too.


Converting to artificial grass to eliminate moles and gophers is not a project you want to undertake on your own, for the same reasons you don’t want to purchase artificial turf from a big box store. It takes extensive training and experience to install faux grass properly, so it lives up to your expectations. Quality, professional installation actually involves many steps, including careful ground preparation and multiple layers of different substrates and specially-formulated underlayment and infill products.


However, when you combine top-quality artificial turf and professional installation, you’ll get superior results – the kind that send diggers packing and leave you with greater peace of mind and a greener future.


Our customers agree:

  • “We had a vole/mole infestation in the past 5 years and they were destroying everything. We installed heavenly Greens artificial grass in 2014. Don’t water, and love seeing green grass…”
  • “We back up to open space and the gophers were bad. We also have 4 Scottish terriers. We have had our Heavenly Greens grass for 5 years, and it still looks fine.”


So while there’s no need to go crazy and pave over your lawn, there are almost unlimited ways to use decorative hardscapes to enhance the look and livability of your yard. And there is an outstanding array of drought-resistant plants you can use to soften those hardscapes and add color around your pretty new lawn.


Once you replace your natural grass with artificial turf, you’ll be singing its praises, too. Not to mention enjoying your yard a lot more!

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