What You Should Know About Fire Safety And Artificial Grass

Safety is, without doubt, a crucial consideration when deciding whether or not an artificial grass installation is right for you. Part of this safety is fire safety, which brings us to one of the most frequently asked questions; is synthetic grass flammable? Is it fire-proof or fire-resistant? Our artificial grass specialists share some insights on this topic

What To Expect After Exposure To Fire

The synthetic fibers on your artificial turf will melt when exposed to hot objects and open flames. What they will not do is catch fire, burn and help the flames spread.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you can easily patch up the burnt areas with the help of an artificial grass specialist for minor burns. On the other hand, you may need to do a complete replacement where trying to patch things with repairs is hard to do and doesn’t do much for the aesthetics.

Your Grass Matters

It is always worth reiterating the fact that the different artificial grass varieties available in the market are not created equal.  Some manufacturers have invested in producing synthetic grass with enhanced fire-retardant properties. Such grass goes through the stringest of fire risk testing before being allowed into the market.

That is not, in any way, to say that such artificial grass will not suffer damage when exposed to fire. As highlighted above, the grass will melt, but the difference lies in the threshold that it would take to get to that point.

How Infills Can Help in Fire Retardation

Adding Sand as an Infill

Another crucial factor to keep in mind as far as synthetic grass and fire safety goes is the type of infill that is used in the installation process. Artificial grass installations with sand infill have proved to perform best when it comes to fire retardation. The sand has inherent fire extinguishing properties and will prevent any flames from spreading.

Why Choosing Top Quality Artificial Turf Is The Only Solution

For starters, invest in top-quality artificial grass with tested fire-resistant properties. As you shop around for synthetic turf to install in your home or business, pay attention to the manufacturer’s notes or specifications for fire-resistance. This grass may cost you a little more than other options without the same advantages, but it is definitely worth the investment.  Instead of going the DIY way and risking any mistakes in the process, you should also getting the experts to do professional installation for you.

Can We Still Set Up A BBQ On Top Of Artificial Grass?

Every Australian loves a good BBQ.

It also goes without saying that you should do your best to avoid anything that may be a potential fire hazard around your artificial lawn. This means that you should be careful not to recklessly throw that cigarette butt out into the garden without making sure that you have put it out completely. These butts will leave behind a burn mark. Other things to avoid include Fireworks and open fire pits.

Does this mean that you have to say goodbye to enjoying that BBQ out in the backyard? Absolutely not. With some precautions, you can still look forward to your BBQs throughout the summer.

Think of placing some form of protection such a thick wooden board, or a paving slab between the artificial grass and the BBQ. Whatever you choose, make sure that the surface remains flat and even.   You may also want to have the same protection in the area immediately around where you set up the BBQ stand.

You may also want to consider going for a BBQ that stands much taller from the ground. There are many options in the market with such a design that you can buy. Bunnings have a great range of BBQ sets.

It also helps a great deal if you ensure that you keep kids and pets away from the BBQ stand since they may accidentally know it down. You should also be extra careful when working behind the BBQ.

Preparedness for The Worst

The unfortunate happens and find yourself faced with a fire situation on your artificial lawn-what to do? Prevention is always best, but that’s no excuse not to always be prepared for when the worst happens. Time is of the essence, and if you act fast enough, you can save your lawn.

A bucket of water or some sand can help stop those flames from scathing your synthetic lawn. A dry powder fire extinguisher will also prove invaluable in this case.

Final Thoughts

That artificial grass is not flammable is an irrefutable fact. Forget what myths and untruths you may have heard regarding the same. Invest in quality products, exercise due caution where potential fire hazards are involved, and you will enjoy your synthetic grass installation without worrying about fire safety.

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