When is the Best Time to Choose Fake Grass Over Real Grass?

For many homeowners, making the decision to move from real grass to synthetic fake grass isn’t an easy one. The years of mowing, trimming, and watering the lawn have become so routine that any change can seem disruptive. However, considering the state of today’s landscaping, the current benefits of fake grass are numerous, which have caused many dedicated lawn-lovers to reconsider their stance.

Characteristics such as water conservation, weather resistance, and reduced water cost are all reasons to switch to fake grass from real grass. So when is the best time to make the change?

The Right Weather to Install Fake Grass

Rain has a reputation for ruining grass with large mud puddles, turning even the most vibrant lawn into a wet, marshy mess. Fake grass isn’t affected by rain, as it features a porous backing specially designed to let water drain out. Despite its immunity to the woes of wet weather, artificial grass is best installed during semi-dry conditions. Rain or heavy mist can complicate your installation, drawing it out for days.

Damp conditions may also be ideal to start installation, as it can allow you to remove your grass more easily. Be sure to check the forecast to see how many days of dry weather you’ll have before starting your installation.

Don’t Wait Out the Drought

California is still experiencing severe drought conditions. State mandates have put water conservation lawns into place, meaning California homeowners are forced to find ways to be more conscious of their water use more than ever. By installing fake grass, you can cut down your own water use while adhering to the state’s laws.

The drought is also a good time to install fake grass to cut your own costs. Artificial turf is maintenance-free, meaning you no longer have to water your lawn for it to retain its healthy green hue all year round. You’ll also save time, as the sturdy materials of fake grass do not require any trimming or mowing.

Replacing your lawn with high quality synthetic fake grass is a wise choice, but you might want to do the actual replacing at the optimal time. In California, waiting for the weather won’t be as much of a problem due to the arid desert climate – not to mention the current persisting drought – so be sure to find a convenient time to install it.


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