Why Do You Need to Protect Grass from Window Reflection?

Why Do You Need to Protect Grass from Window Reflection?
A lush, green lawn at home can be inviting to look at. It can beautify the view from your windows, especially when it’s green and without any dirt or trash scattered on it. However, caring and maintaining natural grass can be exhausting and expensive. More than that, planting and growing real grass is a hard and long process.The tedious process of planting and caring for real grass doesn’t need to be a problem if you want a beautiful lawn at home. The trend of using artificial grass is increasing, and there are now a lot of homes that have synthetic grass instead of the real deal.Artificial turf lawn doesn’t need the same amount of maintenance as natural grass. However, there are several things that you have to know about artificial turf such as why you need to protect grass from window reflection.

Is There Any Discoloration in Your Artificial Grass?

Heat is the enemy of beautiful turf. While direct heat from the sun can make artificial grass seem dry and dehydrated, the heat reflection from windows can cause even more harm. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage to a lot of things at home. It can also cause anything in the interior, such as leather and fabrics, to discolor. When the windows reflect UV light into the turf, it can also cause discoloration in it.However, this problem can easily be avoided. You can protect grass from window reflection by using non-reflective film in your windows. Homeowners can also do something as simple as covering your windows with screens.

Is Your Artificial Grass Melting?

One of the common problems homeowners with artificial turf face is the sudden melting that occurs in the synthetic fibers. It is usually caused by extreme heat, like during summer. However, the direct heat from the sun is not the primary cause of melting artificial grass. The main reason for this is the reflection of the extreme heat from the windows into the artificial turf lawn.You will know that your artificial turf is melting when you can find brown spots on your lawn. It is usually the spot where the heat from the window is reflected directly.However, not all treated windows can cause your artificial grass to melt. It only happens when you are using highly reflective window films such as those that have a mirror-like surface and energy-saving window films.While heat is inevitable, you can easily preserve the beauty of your synthetic turf lawn. You can protect grass from window reflection and its side effects like melting by using turf guard window films. Visit our website and find the ideal style of turf guard window film for you.
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