Why You Shouldn’t Opt for the Cheapest Artificial Grass Product

We know that we are not the only artificial grass suppliers out there. You could spend hours trawling though the internet searching brands that claim they have the best artificial grass. But do you know exactly what type of artificial grass you want? Before you choose simply the cheapest artificial grass we think you should know a few details first before clicking ‘buy’.

Price Vs Quality

Firstly, believe it or not, the price of artificial grass reflects in the quality. Yarn is used to manufacture artificial grass, usually the more yarn, the more expensive the product is. So, in theory the longer products are likely to be more expensive, but this isn’t always the case. Longer products are not suitable for moderate to heavy activity but may still be walked on frequently.


This front garden was completed in July with a high-quality British manufactured product certainly not the cheapest artificial grass.

There is so much that goes into the manufacturing of products, you must look for a few things when examining your sample. (Yes, always get a sample first! Most suppliers offer free samples)

When you receive your sample check out our tips below:

  • The Backing- Most backing is latex. Check that this is flexible enough to be fitted without any ripples, but too much flexibility is a sign of poor manufacturing and not enough latex on the back of the product.
  • Holes- There should be holes perforating the artificial grass. This allows for drainage through the grass. Products which are not British manufactured may have problems with drainage due to some being manufactured for much hotter climates and therefore drainage is not a priority.
  • Warranties and Guarantees- Can the supplier guarantee the grass? Anything less than 5 years product warranty and 1-year installation warranty may set alarm bells ringing. If the suppliers aren’t confident in their product, why should you be?
  • UV Stabilisation- Even though we get a handful of days a year when there’s sunshine in the UK, you should make sure that your grass is protected from UV and wouldn’t discolour in the (very rare!) hot climate.
  • Bounce-back Technology- Stand on the grass for 30 seconds then remove your foot. How well does the grass spring back to an upright position? Do remember that the grass will be infilled which helps the blades to stand upright but there needs to be some attempted movement back to the original position.
  • Loose Grass Blades-Don’t worry if the grass blades are coming loose from the sample. Samples are cut from large pieces therefore it isn’t always possible to brush off all the grass blades before sending. Be reassured that artificial grass is woven into the backing therefore will not come loose. This is a myth.
  • Pictures of the Turf-Images can give you an idea of what the product looks like but the varying camera angles and quality could look very different from the real thing
  • The Floor Test-Place your sample on the floor and examine it from every angle. Depending on the way it is installed it may look different so decide which way you think looks best
  • What is Your Preference- After completing all the steps above and you still can’t make your mind up, what is your preference? There are many fantastic artificial grass products out there and sometimes it is just up to what you think looks the best for your garden.

The cheapest artificial grass products may be the ones for you but for gardens that you want to look the part, think about the other factors too.

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