Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Artificial Turf from Big Box Discount Stores

As a homeowner who cares for their lawn, you want the best deal possible on everything from lawn equipment to artificial turf. Artificial turf can be quite expensive in large quantities from the local big box store, and while these stores are convenient, they prey on your need for a quick solution. But try not to rush out and buy the first artificial turf you find on store shelves. Take your time, research the topic, and call a true professional.

Choices Matter

Many big box/discount stores are designed to make a profit on any item they can sell. As such, each product is marked up exponentially. Furthermore, they choose top-of-the-line makes and models. Your choices are limited between the high-end product or the slightly less expensive high-end product. Both are expensive, but both are not necessarily high-quality. You’re buying a name brand more than anything else.

If you want a steep discount on artificial turf, then yes, a discount store will provide you what you need. But to what extent? Are you really receiving the best product for your landscape? The answer is simple. No!

Low Price, Low Quality

The total earnings for the entire year are the only thing that matters to a discount store. They are designed to move high volumes of products in the shortest time possible. The problem is most discount stores offer cheap products to keep their overhead low. Yes, you’re paying less, but you’re receiving a poor-quality product in return. The long-term investment is nil.

When it comes to your landscape, the artificial turf you select should withstand years of foot traffic without any noticeable wear and tear. Sure, the discount store will offer a product that may last for years. But within that timeframe, you’ll notice the daily wear and tear and you’ll replace or repair the material much sooner.

No Professional Installation Included

When you purchase artificial turf from a discount store, you’re missing out on a necessary service: professional installation. Now, that’s not to say some discount or big box stores don’t offer installation, but most of these stores hire third-party contractors who are inadequately trained for the job. They do the bare minimum. You need more than the minimum.

If you’re actively looking for artificial turf with professional installation, spend a little extra money and hire an experienced landscaping company. The money you pay today will be an investment in your landscape for the long-term.

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