Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Artificial Turf From Big Box Stores

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to, on anything. And purchasing artificial turf can be a significant investment. But sometimes lowest price isn’t the smartest plan, and artificial grass is a prime example. There are several reasons why big box stores are not the place to shop for, or buy, faux grass for your home.

Limited selection

The premise of big box stores is to carry a little bit of a lot of stuff. They limit selection of any given type of product and buy very large volumes. That’s how they are able to keep their prices low. You may not care whether they offer two types of shovels or 12, but when it comes to artificial turf, limited selection means you are highly unlikely to find what you want or need.


And, you won’t find a sales person who can help you figure out what you need. Let’s face it – anyone who sells thousands of different products from nails to floor cleaner cannot possibly be deeply knowledgeable about all of them. You don’t need much help selecting a shovel, so who cares? But artificial grass to replace your lawn?


Fake grass might all look the same at first glance, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is a lot to know about today’s synthetic turf, because there are so many different products available. They look and feel and function differently, to match how you plan to use the turf.


Questionable quality

Big box stores can offer discount prices by purchasing in volume, but low price rarely reflects high quality. Artificial turf that will grace your landscape should provide a beautifully inviting play surface for many years to come.


Lower quality products won’t be there for you. They may be fine for a while, but even normal foot traffic and usage will take their toll too soon. The cost of repairs or replacement will obliterate the return you expected on your original investment. Why set yourself up for that?


Big box stores are the perfect place to stock up on plants and pots to create gorgeous container gardens. But for the centerpiece of your yard – your lawn – or for specialized uses from play areas to putting greens, quality counts with every blade of grass.


Iffy installation

If you purchase fake grass from a box store, who is going to install it? How – and how well – this job is done directly affects the functionality, durability, and aesthetics of your synthetic grass. You will be living with it for years. And installing fake grass is quite a bit more complicated than you may think.


Yes, the store may sell installation as an add-on service. They’ll send out their own “handy people,” or outsource the work to a third-party contractor. But artificial grass is a highly specialized product. Only a professional installation crew has the training and experience to do the work perfectly. The first time.


So if you’re purchasing fake grass for a fun project – covering a bench or making cut-out designs for your kid’s bedroom wall – any least-expensive product should be fine. But if you’re looking to install artificial turf to replace your lawn or otherwise upgrade your home’s exterior, you need the product that will give you the greatest curb appeal and the biggest increase in your home’s value.


You want the product that will give you years of comfortable livability for your family and pets. That requires the very best artificial grass you can get for your budget.

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