Window Film for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is one of the best additions you can make to your property. It looks great right away – you never have to worry if the seed took or not, and you don’t have to worry about the sod dying without taking root. There is no watering, so fertilizer needed, so drying out. Your fake turf grass will look great on day one and it will remain looking perfect for years to come even without any real maintenance from you beyond perhaps raking or blowing off the leaves that fall on it.

That’s the case, that is, unless window reflections melt the artificial grass at your home and ruin its looks, a problem faced by all too many home and business owners who have turf grass and energy efficient windows in close proximity.

artificial grass melting from windows

How does window glare melt fake grass? The simple answer is a concentration of heat, but how that happens is actually pretty amazing, though no less frustrating when it results in damage to your property.

When sunshine hits traditional single-pane glass windows, much of it passes through the pane into the home, while the rest of the light is bounced off the glass to fall where it may. Even if it falls on fake grass, which has a melting point a little under 200º F, the light will not have been concentrated into a hot beam, merely reflected as it was when it came down from the sky.

Energy efficient windows, however, have a highly reflective exterior that rejects much more sunlight than regular windows. On top of that, low-e (or low emissivity) windows are double paned and there is a vacuum seal between the interior and exterior panes. This seal creates a slight concavity to the panes of glass, bending them inward and creating a lens-like effect. So now you have even more sunlight being reflected by the coating on the exterior of the glass and you have that sunlight being concentrated into a beam. The makings of a burned lawn are all right there.

Low E Windows Melting Artificial Grass

Pictures of Window Film for Artificial Grass

One of the things so many homeowners and business owners worry about when looking for the best window film to stop sun reflections melting artificial grass at their property is how the anti glare window film is going to make the home or business look. If you are worried about what window film for fake grass looks like, don’t worry: we are always glad rot show pictures of anti glare window film because this solution to protecting artificial grass against damage does not damage the looks of your home or business — in fact, Turf Guard Window Film can even improve the aesthetic of the property.

So what should you look for if you are concerned your synthetic lawn may be at risk of melting caused by window reflections? Go through this quick checklist:

  • Do you have energy efficient windows on the ground or second floor of your home or business?
  • Does a nearby neighbor have energy efficient windows?
  • Is your lawn that’s in view of these low-e windows made up of fake grass?
  • Does sunlight have a direct path to your windows not blocked by trees, structures, or anything else?

If you have the conditions in which sunshine could melt fake grass, it’s best to consider the issue not a matter of if but simply of when sun glare melts artificial lawns that just happen to be the grass you paid for.

And even if you have already had your fake grass and your low-e windows for a few months and have seen no issues with window glare ruining turf grass, don’t grow complacent and think you’re safe too soon: as the seasons change and earth’s position relative to the sun shifts, the glare reflected off the windows will change where it falls on your property. So patches of grass that were once completely untouched by sun reflections off energy efficient windows may soon be searing in the heat of window reflections, and if that heat gets too intense, the fake grass will melt and there will be no remedy for the damage save to rip out all that artificial grass, send it off to the landfill, and have new synthetic grass installed at great expense and use of your time.

window film for artificial grass

The better approach is of course to protect the lawn you already have by installing Turf Guard Window Film on your windows now and stopping the damage before it starts. Getting an anti glare window tint to stop reflections melting fake grass is also a wise idea even if you yourself don’t even have fake grass but anyone nearby does: it costs a lot less to install some Turf Guard Window Film now than it does to replace a neighbor’s artificial grass ruined by sun reflecting off your windows. And even that’s nothing compared to the potential legal fees and penalties if it goes the route of a lawsuit – yours would not be the first lawsuit over fake grass melted by window reflections or the first legal suit over vinyl siding melted by window glare.

Avoid these costly and awkward, unpleasant possibilities by just making the modest purchase and quick installation of Turf Guard Window Film now before the damage occurs.

Images of Artificial Grass Melting

When window glare melts artificial grass, it’s not a pretty sight. In a yard filled with perfect looking grass, it’s impossible to miss the wilted patches and lines of synthetic turf melted down into shriveled clumps. These patches of fake grass burned by window glare are unsightly enough to ruin the looks of the whole yard, and they simply must be ripped out and replaced to restore the property. If you want to get a sense of just how bad things can look feel free to reach out to use and we can share all too many images or artificial grass melted by sun glare off energy efficient windows. And along with those cautionary pictures of fake grass melted by sin glare, we can also show you plenty of pictures of window film that stops the sun’s glare from melting your artificial grass.

artificial grass melting picture

You can also use any good search engine and try terms like these to see images of fake grass ruined by window glare:

  • Pictures of fake grass melted by window glare
  • Images of turf grass melted by window reflection
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Benefits of Window Film for Artificial Grass

Turf Guard Window Film sends sunlight scattering instead of letting it form hot beams that can melt fake grass. It performs its primary role of protecting your turf from melting perfectly, but you will be pleased to know this film also does not impede your energy efficient windows from reducing interior heat air blocking UV light, and it won’t reduce your view out through the windows appreciably either. The same energy efficient windows you count on to block infrared heat and keep your home or business cooler and thus lower cost will still keep the property cooler. And that UV light that fades interiors and can even present a health risk to skin will be reliably blocked even with anti glare window tint applied over the exterior of your low-e windows. This product was purpose built to solve the problem of window reflections melting vinyl siding and fake lawns and was purposely created not to interfere with the functions of a window, and we’re proud to say just how well it works in both regards.

window film for artificial grass

Best Window Film for Artificial Grass

The best window film to stop sun reflections damaging artificial grass is Turf Guard Window Film, a line of products developed exclusively for keeping synthetic grass safe even when hot sunlight reflections threaten that turf. This anti glare window film ensures your yard stays safe and looking great all year round. It can be applied to any window on the exterior of a home or business because Turf Guard Window Film can be cut and trimmed to create a custom fit for any window. We feel strongly that this is the best window film to protect fake grass against sun melting because it not only protects the lawn and nearby vinyl siding but because it also looks great on the house or business. We offer Turf Guard Window Film in various colors, like white or black that add style and interest to the property, as well as in a clear window film that won’s change the look of your home at all.

Window Film for Artificial Grass Reviews 

If you read enough reviews of the best window film for protecting synthetic grass, you will always find yourself led back to Turf Guard Window Film eventually. That’s because the best window film for fake grass that you can find also gets the best reviews for artificial grass window film. What you will find people saying in reviews of window film for protecting grass from burning, artificial turf from melting, and vinyl siding being damaged by sun glare tends to focus on the same few topics, which are:

  • How well does the window tint stop sun glare melting fake grass?
  • Does window film for turf protection make it hard to look through windows?
  • Will window film to stop sun glare change the way my home looks?

We are happy to say the answer to the first question is perfectly well: windows treated with Turf Guard Window Film will not let sun glare get hot enough to melt fake grass or nearby vinyl siding.

To the second point, no, window film to protect artificial grass does not make the view out through windows worse.

And on the third point, window film for grass does not have to change the way your property looks at all, though options are available that will enhance the appearance of the home or business.

If you think you are ready to get Turf Guard Window Film installed at your property, don’t hesitate to call us today. We will be glad to offer a detailed walk through of all the benefits of anti glare window film and explain how it can protect fake grass, vinyl wall siding, patio furniture, pool and grill covers, and can eliminate glare that can hurt your eyes or even damage skin, and we can give you pricing estimates and explanations all at no cost or obligation to you. 

More often than not, once people know all about the many benefits of Turf Guard Window Film and understand the type of damage it can stop from happening, they are all too happy to move ahead with the purchase and installation before its too late.

And once that Turf Guard Window Film is installed on your energy efficient windows, you will know the modest cost was well worth it not only because your grass never burns (nor does your neighbor’s yard or vinyl siding ever get damaged by window glare) but thanks to the peace of mind you get knowing that you’re never going to step outside onto the patio only to discover those unsightly melted lines and patches making your previously pristine synthetic lawn now look like a worn patchwork that’s an embarrassment to you and your family.

Call us up today so you never have to deal with that issue at your home.

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