Window Glare: How to Prevent Glass Reflection from Burning Turf

If you have noticed melting damage to your artificial turf grass, you might be surprised at the cause. It’s probably not the kids playing around with matches; it’s probably the concentrated glare of sunlight bouncing off energy efficient windows melting turf out in your yard. And unless you take steps to prevent window reflections melting turf grass fast, your whole yard, that you paid to have installed, could be ruined as the sun’s beams focus on and damage different parts of the property over time.


How Can Energy Efficient Windows Can Melt Your Turf Artificial Grass?

Energy efficient windows have a special highly reflective coating that allows them to bounce away much more sunlight than standard glass panes. They also tend to have a slight concavity, the curve being caused by the vacuum sea between the two panes of glass. This curvature allows the panes to act like lenses, concentrating the sunlight. Remember when you played with a magnifying glass in the sun as a kid? The effect is just the same. Except now instead of burning little holes in paper, the magnified sunlight is ruining your property!

How to Prevent Glass Reflection from Burning Turf

The good news is that you can stop window glare melting artificial turf, outdoor furniture, vinyl siding, and more with one easy, affordable, and reliable fix: anti reflective window film. Anti reflective window film prevents melted vinyl siding and turf by scattering the sun’s hot rays in every direction rather than channeling them together into a hot, dangerous beam. Anti glare window tint will not reduce the energy efficiency of your windows and it doesn’t have to change the look of your home, either. But if sure will help the way your house works with your yard.

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